Happy Days

I’ve had the greatest weekend, where everything went back to feeling calm, happy and settled again. We’ve done nothing too exciting and it’s been great!

It’s peace delightful!

As you know Ruby, Junior & I thrive off filling our weekend with jollies. We’ll adventure everywhere and anywhere, dine out, shop, play…You name it. We’ll do it.

We love it!!!

This weekend, we kinda all just looked at each other, as we woke up after a really long lay in. (The kids wanted to sleep in my bed with me, I guess just for comfort.)

And well we kinda all seemed to agree that we didn’t really want to go anywhere or do anything or be the centre of excitement. We just wanted to chill. Stay home. Enjoy home! (Since we hadn’t been able to BE home comfortably, over the last few days.) It made home & calm feel even more precious.

We’ve cooked. We’ve rocked movies out. We’ve mowed lawns. We’ve built castles. We’ve nurtured the pets of Wunna Land. (Rocco, the cat! Boris, the tortoise.) All the family has been over…and it’s just been amazing. It’s been wonderful rocking around in a Mickey Mouse t-shirt, doing my Insta questions and catching up on Strictly!!

Some of my mates are on Strictly this year, so it’s even more exciting!!! Jamie was one of them and he is SUCH and amazing dancer & spirit. He would’ve got to the final!!! Therefore it’s a shame he’s gone and busted his foot, in typical Jamie fashion and is now out of the show.

However, he’s been replaced by one of my other friends Kelvin! Who was the very delightful ‘Andy Sugden’ on Emmerdale. Lol. So it’s all still amazing!!! He’s gonna be fun! He’s a good little ‘dance floor in a club’ mover. My favourite show on telly!

Anyway! (Haha.)

Junior has had the BEST weekend ever. He’s had moments of anxiety, which is normal for what he’s just been through. But as a family we really wanted to comfort him out of it.

Me: ‘If you could do anything right now. What would it be Ju Ju?’

Junior: ‘I’d like to get all my Christmas toys out and throw a Christmas party at home. I just want everything to be Christmas!!’

So, that’s just what we did!

We did Christmas in September, with Home Alone, Christmas food, fairy lights, Christmas music, naughty elves and Santa games….and he looked so alive with excitement, he could’ve just burst.

It was good to finally see him celebrating a moment of utter happiness, without confusion, without fear and simply filled with love.

He was free.

He was free to be HIMSELF again! He didn’t have to be cautious. He didn’t have to be scared. He just let loose and celebrated being HIMSELF.

That’s what being a six year old is all about. That (to me) is in fact what I believe being a human being is about.

He learnt that no-one should or can force someone into being someone they don’t want to be. No-one should fear someone who is meant to keep them safe. He also learnt that people aren’t allowed to do either of the above with brut force …and that Santa’s Sleigh Bells dangling in your door way solves everything. 🙂

We have them on the handles of three doors in the house now. Haha.

Incase you didn’t know? Christmas is Junior’s favourite time of year. (You’ll never understand his obsession with it, because you’ll never know the back story behind it.) Yet, It’s also mine. In fact, it’s Ruby’s? So this weekend has just been wonderful!

Things have gone back to normal and I’ve kept our glitter ship sailing. Hopefully by next week, things will become more and more settling and I can concentrate on my career again, because I have to ‘back burn’ it over the last couple week, in an emergency.

The idea is to refrain from letting someone try and destroy EVERYTHING.

Luckily I have life & love on my side.

Good things happen to good people!

Chrissie x

Here are the babies….

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