Happy bits of nonsense.


Feeling delicious and i hope you are too. The weather is a treat, my heart is a flutter and i’m dolled over with an *ooze* of determination, wiggled in glitter. If you’re feeling like shit today. Don’t. Grab that extra set of heels, dip your life in a ooey-gooey basin of dew dripped diamonds and strut. It’s the only way forward. Plus, all ‘Handsomes’ fancy happy girls. Regardless as to whether they’re fixed or broken. The fixed one, have their lives together and can appreciate a soul who is ‘whole’ and filled with self love. The broken ones, (which i don’t really advise you date) go for happy, well what THEY see as happy, simply to cling onto a bit for themselves. I’m schooled in people, dating,happiness and clingers-oners. So trust me…get to it.

Everything is really positive in Wunna land right now. We did airport runs this morning. Well, i say ‘we’ (and i always say ‘we’ simply because i come as a quadruple package now of hubby, baby, bump and well me,) i can’t imagine and would never want to imagine them not being a part of my world, so now i’m a ‘we’ and it has made my life fantastic. Keiran even said today, whilst i was chopping up jalapenos and he was picking at them from my chopping board, ‘I LOVE BEING A FAMILY. IT REALLY IS AMAZING.’

Neither of us were ‘family’ people before. Let alone hubby/wife material. However, as soon as we met one another we knew and before you know it, we were engaged, married, loving Ruby and now reproducing ourselves, to make our own little army. Helllooo Baby Bump, number 2! It’s really special and we’ve never been happier. Things are going right and simply because our mind frames are correctly adjusted. We want the absolute best for one another and our children and we’re a couple to set fire to hope and go grab what’s ours! *Applaud here* Or if you’re not a clapper *Do gin shot…naked.*

Okay, last night was calm. I managed to get myself tired, but then snap out of it. I think i was a bit upset that my mum, dad and brother were off on their jolly holiday’s for 2 weeks to Burma. I’m really close to my family, so it makes me feel odd when they’re gone. So yeah i was bitchy for about an hour. Well, i kinda felt ‘off’ button because we had a bit of an unannounced visit by two ladies yesterday even, who knocked on our door, at 5.30pm and when my hubby leant out the window, asked ‘Are you Keiran?’ It was dark. They came around the back. ‘Oooh-er.’ Not like that 🙂 And after a little chat, happy smiles and about half an hour, they left. It sort of put me on edge a bit, yet i soon came around. I’m filling myself with positive thoughts, ways and manners right now. The rest of the evening ended up being great. I made tea, put my chatty Ruby to bed. (People are amazed at how much she can say for an ‘almost 2’ yeah old. Yet i never get why folks are so shocked, as she is the product of little moi. We’re talkers here in Wunna land. It’s not that surprisingly that she can chat. Nor is it that she’s a show off and a mirror image winker. She loves going up to people, saying ‘I love you,’ then saying ‘Gimme a kiss….THREE kisses!’ Don’t worry, we’re monitoring her every move. Even though it’s hard, as she’s far too cute to be strict with. I’m a softie with her. She….launches flying knee kicks at me, when she tantrums.

So yeah, before i rambled on…Keiran did a Manchester airport run this morning at 4am. Ruby and I stayed in bed and slept. I got up at 4,30 to wish my mama safe travels and love. Then i rested with a kitty cat ‘ooh’ to recharge and get back to business, before getting Rubes ready for nursery, sorting out a work email and then continuing last nights meeting this morning for half an hour more.

I’m excited today, because it seems everything is going to go right afterall. I’m calm, i’m happy, i’m mentally organized and after an email to my agent and a solid vote of confidence, i’m feeling good. Things are being scheduled and rescheduled. Life is hotting up. I’m being patient. I’m enjoying my days. I intend to put myself out there and i’m picking my surroundings very carefully. I’m not one people can pull the wool over that easilyand i don’t let others pull the wool over the eyes of anyone i care about. I can read people a mile off. But i’m positive and brimming over with ‘va voom’ right now. Let me at life, coz now i’ve got sizzle. Yet, i’m watching people closely…and well after living the life i have, you would.

Today, i’ve treated myself to an at home facial. Pregnancy makes your skin an ‘urk’ fest, yet i’m solving it, thanks to the Clinque package my hubby purchased me for my birthday. I love having time to indulge these days, as it puts a smile on my glamour pussy face and a glint in my eye. I’m DYING for a massage. DYING for one. Before my mum left, Keiran and i wanted the personal number of the lady who has always personally massaged my ENTIRE family, infact since i was a teen, she has rubbed me down with oils and eased my pain with ‘ooh love.’ They say that when a being touches a part of your body, with skin to skin contact, that piece of your body becomes ‘alive’ and because it wakes up the nerves and gives you that tingle of magic. I want that…now. Massages are a great way to heal and get healthy. Mind, body, spirit. Do it. We ADORE massages. We go for couple massages, solo massages, head messages, back rubs…everything and we love it. I don’t think i could be with a boy who didn’t enjoy a good old massage, or a good old chunk of luxury. But anyway, i haven’t managed to book one as of yet and i need to. Instead my midwife is calling me telling me that i’ve accidentally missed one of my appointments with her. I didn’t know i had it, so i’ve had to call her back to reschedule. Even worse…the lady who took my blood, forgot to label my tubes effectively. They have different names on them or something, so i have to do them all over again! UGH! My worst nightmare. It’s hilarious, I am a baby when it come s to people taking my blood, Infact, i don’t like people taking ANYTHING from me…let alone my life source. However, it’s for the safety of the bump…so as always…i’m in. *Wiggle-wink.*

I’m actually still in my pyjamas, which i love because it means life is good, I’ve looked at a couple interviews. I now have my ‘boy/girl’ scan in only 2DAYS. We’re off to the forest in 5 days and i’ve again emailed my agent. Everyone seems to be off to the forest now. Keiran and i have sold it so well that it’s a winner. I will tell you that it really actually is and especially if you love a bit of private. (Not that kind of ‘private.’ Well yeah, that kind of ‘private.’ Depends on how kinky you are.) Our time in the forest is family time. Even though Keiran does say that i’m sexier when we’re away in the forest. But he’s a walking boner…so who knows. I do love a kitten nighty though, when i’m there. Lucky him.  I want to BUY one of those cabins and live in it always. I like people seeing me as sexy. It’s fun. Even if it means i get dry humped, by my husband by kettles and a bowl of chestnuts…angrily…with ‘ooh faces.’ Whenever he wants sex, i act all shy, playful or old mother hubbard-maybe I’ll put my back out-can’t do it at him. Then when i want it…he never gives me it because I’ve been too forward. Lol. No winners here.

Okay, okay…so i’ve ramble a bit about my life so far. (He has just walked into the bedroom, said ‘Im bored’ and flopped himself onto the bed, front first.) But you, my little darlings have a treat instore for you today…well i think it’ll be today, it really depends on how well ‘the handsome’ copes.

Keiran…has his own little blog hitting your laptop screens shortly. He was just in the office typing away madly and asking me how to spell things. (He’s been in there ages, it’s like he’s building…Germany… or something?) He was  actually doing really really well at it, yet now i’m not too sure how well it’s going, as he’s managed to flop in, from the office and pretend to  passout with boredom on the bed? And he’s fully clothed…which never makes any sense to me? Hang on….we have troubled times.

Okay, so he wants me to watch him to do. *Rolls eyes-giggles* Attention seeker alert. He doesn’t know if he’s doing it right, so wants me to help him. Which really is code for just ‘watch him’ and tell him he’s great. I like that part of being a wife. He’s creative, smart and everything he needs to be really. He doesn’t need help…especially from his boobied, preganant, slanty eyed sex kitten of wifey. He just wants an audience….like both Ruby and I!!!

But yeah…his blog will be with you shortly. We have a very busy year, so we’re gonna let you be a part of it. Well i already do, however, i’m sure you want to here his side of life. Change it up a little.

I will take now to say THANK YOU to you all and all that jazzle. Chrissiewunna.com was read in 164 DIFFERENT countries last year alone. That’s crazy. I mean, here i am on my little bed, typing out my life, hoping for success and some vodka drinking men in Russia, little Japanese school girls, barbequeing Australias, thong wearing Brazillians, Hollywood drenched celebrities, soldiers in Iraq and everything in between…apart from Iceland, (only 3 people in Iceland read my blog..the country not the supermarket) are there tuning in everyday. It makes me happy and makes me feel delicious, like i’m amazing. 🙂 It’s good to feel amazing and good to beable to say you think you are. Humility is polite, yet a bit of good trumpet blowing never hurt anyone. 😉

Okay, i’m gonna go help him because he’s whining and telling me i’m ‘not coming to his aid quick enough.’ Ugh, i can’t believe Pamela Anderson has already been sent off ‘Dancing on ice.’ Makes no sense.

Love you lots

Must go.

ps/Behind every great man, is an even greater woman. Behind every great woman is a man….trying to bone her. You all know that already…yet reminders are always good.

Every country in a shade of blue reads my blog. The darker the blue, the more readers. Most readers are in the UK and USA. I likey! 164 countries. *Bow here.*




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