Happy Birthday To Meeeeee!!!


Well I have had the MOST AMAZING ‘nutha year older’ EVER! I am officially 32…a full fledged grown uppidy and well not only was it magical, but i turned 32 in the midst of the Sherwood Pines Forest, with my rather handsome husband, beautiful (needs to learn to wear more clothes) daughter (don’t know where she gets that from ;), ) and my *bump,* in a luxury log cabin and our outdoor, (in the woods) hot tub. Bliss!

I don’t think i’ve ever turned another year older in peace and i don’t mean without the drama of life. I simply mean with the ability to look around me, breathe and actually be really, truely and deeply content with how my life is right now, at this time. (And without the drama of life. πŸ™‚ Both Keiran and I have said that and it’s because we are never ever sort of left alone away from the drama of life. But we finally managed to find a hidey place and a hidey place where no-one can find us. ) Β I’ve found my ‘inner peace’ and although that might sound ‘preachy’ and ‘weird’ it’s true. It’s makes a toast tipple merrier, the love that’s in your heart stronger and the world that surrounds you filled with fluffy *000h.* Miracles always happen at Christmas, so i’m lucky to have had my birthday right around it. (If the world ended tomorrow…i’d be able to fall to my death with a ‘i found my harmony’ smile on my face. (Ruby has just tottered up, with my bronzer smeared on her face and in nothing but a nappy, pointed at my blog photo and said ‘awww Mummy sleeping.’ Then she hit me and wanted to delete my blog. Lovely! I’ve raised a good one.)

Okay, so to fill you in on my birthday bonanza. First of all, we had a hectic night before, filled with a pukey Ruby, who kept falling out of bed for a bit of ‘look at me,’ just so she could come and sleep in our room. πŸ™‚ It worked and we all ended up, being up all night tailoring to her every whim.

Woke up, felt excited and was serenaded by the fruit of my loins repeatedly…until she could sing no more. It was the early hours of the morning and well still naked and tucked up in my thick white sheets, there stood my Baby Ruby in her nappy, in my bed, with Keiran to her left singing ‘Happy Birthday to yoooou,’…..forever.

It was finally wakey wakey time, coffee time, breakfast time and the jolly bustle of the day had begun. We loved it because the simple fact of us being in the middle of the forest is still surreal to us. You should look outside our windows. It is amazing. We have one wall that is completely a windo that looks upon our terrace and hot tub and all around us is nothing but tall tall thin trucked trees…hundreds of them and overgrown forest. Beautiful. (It’s actually raining today…making it fresh.)

So, I was in a pair of see through hot pink lacy knickers and a pink Supergirl top and Keiran had told me to go put some clothes on because we had to go to the retreat to grab a quick coffee and go on a walk. It kinda just felt normal, so i slowly go to it, which i found was annoying him? I also told him that i would be ‘doing my face’ (and i do mean with make up and not the art of anything kinkerella. I’m not that saucy.) He was relunctant for me to get my face done…so i thought it was a bit odd. Anyway, i got changed and did my face anyway. Something was going on.

Mid-me ‘doing my face,’ he begins shouting me into the living room to come look at the tv. I had no idea what he was on about and i hate being disturbed during my morning ‘groom.’ (And i do mean ‘face pamper’ and not ‘random married man.’ See how much i’ve changed. πŸ™‚ ) After a few yells, i totter in and on our snazzy plasma tv screen, which is embeded into the log cabin wall was a message reading: ‘Happy Birthday to my my Wife!!’ Lots of love, Keiran x’ (I enjoy that our cabin is Hi-tech enough for a bit electronic love. You can literally have cabin room service and everything.)

I was delighted, as any bit of birthday love gets my juices flowing. So after jumping up with excitement and rushing back to do the rest of my face, as Keiran went for a poo πŸ™‚ and the baby danced around gleefully to the music of life, the door began knocking. UGH! The door should never begin knocking when you’re on holiday, so i immediately thought ‘what have we done now.’ You always think in that manner, when you were a previous sinner, yet now turned Saint. Trouble will always find you.

So ofcourse Keiran’s doing a poo and he with a ‘Baby get the door,’ he makes me tend to the dirty work. I walk through the cabin, with my entire face groomed but one eye unlined, open the heavy wooden door and there before me was a man, (the staff, as i like to call them πŸ™‚ ) with a lovely bottle of champagne in his hand and a big choccie birthday cake. Awww! I loved it. Perfect little surprise.

There i am all excited one more, jumping around with my bump, my Baby Ruby and now my freshly flushed hubby. We toast, with a *Pop-Bang.* We celebrate. We’re filled with love and surrounded by the most amazing scenery the world could’ve ever plonked us in, then Ruby gets upset, steals the cake and runs off with it, stating that she wanted it to be here birthday!

Straight away, we ate breaky and slipped into our little swimsuits and began the day with champagne and grapefruit juice, outdoors, in our hot tub, in the middle of our forest. We’re calling it ours now.

Best time ever. Each one of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We spent ages relaxing in the bubbles of forest luxury.

After a chillax, it was time for a bit of outdoory birthday fun and well on the agenda (picked by my hubby hubbster) was birthday ARCHERY! Holy Shit! Me, let loose, with bows and arrows, in the woods, around people….not good.

So we wrapped up warm, in 20 minutes flat and walked through the forest to archery class. Oh wait…i’m forgetting that inbetween all that Keiran disappeared for a few minutes and returned with a giant Christmas bag, that was gifted to me with love. Inside it was a GIANT ‘From Me to You’ teddy, holding a heart reading ‘I love you soooo much.’ Awww! Nothing like old school romance.

Perfect! (Kissing occured.)

Let me fast forward.

Okay, so Ruby is giggly, Keiran is walking ahead and i’m tottering in the middle, along a loon dirt path, through the forest on route to Archery. I’m slightly nervous as i’m knew i wouldn’t be good with a bow and arrow. I’m a kitten who knows my strengths and i usually stick to them. But fuck it, i had a go…and OMG i actually LOVED IT.

After a quick ‘explaining what we had to do’ b y a man with a dog named Jess, we were handed a giant archers bow and 3 arrows each, placed infront of big big targets, placed a distance away from us and well i guess the aim was to make like ‘Robin Hood’ and fire away! πŸ™‚

Now, Keiran (good at everything boy) was in his element. I was obviously exceptional. Jesus. I had one arrow hit the target, another fly right past the GIANT TARGET and sooooo far away from it, that we didn’t even know where it went. πŸ™‚ The Hubby was getting better and better and almost hitting ‘bullseye’ everytime. I was getting better and now hitting the target, yet always having the ‘every other one’ fly off the handle and rock n roll off into the distance somewhere, on a whim. My arrows had swagger.

Bottom line…enjoyed by all. More exciting than i ever thought it would be and well if you’re ever in some queer ‘Robin Hood’ battle…don’t hire me. I’d a shit aim. Pretty. But a shit fucking aim. πŸ™‚

We all then rested in cosiness and enjoyed cups of tea in the warmth, before heading back to he cabin for dinner, a rest and movie watching.

I’ve never felt happier and more in love. I’m surrounded by wonderful people and ready to make my dreams come true. I’m 32 and feel it and well that isn’t such a bad thing, as it mean i’ve officially grown up and completely adore being who i am, without wishing to be something i’m not. Nothing’s too hot about having a young mind. I adore being an adult now, as it weirdly suits me so much better.

I’ve done and achieved so much in this last year gone and i’ll go through it all for you when i get back. (We leave here tomorrow.)

But for now, you have 5 days until Christmas, so have love and enjoy!!! xxx



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