Happy Birthday Keiran



What a day! Okay, for those of you who don’t know, today March 21st, is my very yummy hubby-to-be’s 28th birthday! Yippeee! Now, let me tell you, we’ve been sooo busy with work, schedules, life, filming and parenting that finding time to fit in ‘birthdays’ has been insane. HOWEVER (my delicious winks of an eye) I am little Chrissie Wunna and if there is anything important to me, it is the art of celebration, life, lasting another precious year, love and birthdays. Nothing is greater than the day you graced this merry disco earth ball with your entrance.

I spent my entire yesterday mornin finalizing all my secret plans. (I bombed it around in taxi’s in order to make everything perfect for my yummy bit of handsome, who hasn’t been treated to a proper birthday over the last couple of ‘in the army’ years..Plus not only did he make birthday special, yet it is also my first time ever doing his birthday with him.)

This morning i woke up at 6am, all nervous, hoping all would go well. I hung up a ‘happy birthday’ banner in the living room, hide clues, stuck a letter up on the wall and waited.

At 10am this morning, (after the nursery run) he was given a clue to guess his first treat. (I had decided to not go with anything materialistic and buy him experiences, in hope to make a memory…i mean that’s all we have at the end of the day, when we’re rocking on that chair and moaning about how much better things used to be.) But yeah, at 10am this morning, he was surprised by trumpets, that secretly arrived in our garden and began playing ‘Happy Birthday’ for him. (I had initally tried to hire an entire orchestra to set up and play in the garden…yet they oddly couldn’t all make it…so trumpets it was!)

The second birthday surprise for him arrived at 10.30am, where there was a walk up our patio by four random men, a knock at the door and then after a jolly walk in, they burst into song for my little Keiran. I’d hired a barber shop quartet, who again sang ‘happy birthday,’ followed by ‘Hello Mary Lou,’ then ‘What a wonderful world, and then ‘The way to Armarillo.’ 🙂 They were actually amazing, had rehearsed for a week, really got Keiran involved and travelled from all over to come and sing for him…in the Wunna living room. lol

I then gave him Clue 3 and right on cue at 11.30am, there was another knock at the door and with a smile and a ‘Morning Happy birthday, i’m you’re full body massage.’ My delicious birthday boy was treated to a full body hour and a half aromatherapy massage, lights down, mood music playing and all as he was laid half naked on his massage bed, that the lady so kindly set up in our living room, under the chandelier. I love it.

After that, i gave him clue 4 and for his best treat of the day i had purchased us a luxury 4 day getaway to a forest log cabin, 4 bedrooms, 2 storeys, in the woodlands, with champagne delivered to our door every day, a hot tub, adventure activities, an in house chef, in cabin spa treatments, a birthday bonanza and a glorious time for us to remember…with prezzies. We leave on Mon 26th and we just can’t wait to go away.

(A bit of sexy, sofa bonking happened here. FIT! Keiran is soooo hot and well my boobs aren’t too bad for an oldie. 😉  I sat on top of his willy…in nothing but my fur boots. Lol. I liked his dirty talk too! 🙂 )

I then took him to a little lunch at a place we always go, who had set up a table by the fireplace with champagne. (We’d had champagne for breakfast, as he blew out his birthday candles..and well i’ve filmed the entire day.)

He looked at me with eyes that told me loved me. We’ve had a really randomly cute time. It’ll be even more amazing when we go away to out forest retreat! We’re so excited! Woodlands and hot tubs!

Life is really great and well i hope that if you had a birthday today, it was just as delightful!

(The first thing that happened to him today when he turned 28, was Ruby WEEING ON HIM. When that happens, you know your world is worth it.)

Can’t wait to go away! We also have more filming for the show over the next couple weeks! Exciting!!

28 today! I love you! xxx

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