Happy Bank Holiday


My BANK HOLIDAY/IS IT EASTER…weekend has BEGUN!!! Wahooooooooooooo!

And yeah, I was all moany that I was working today, when all of you were chilling, however, NO, how wrong I was…I couldn’t have had a BETTER DAY. It’s was chilled, fun, busy, but easy. I was immersed in good times, great people and laughter. That’s what life is about. PLUS, I made money, whilst you spent a bit of yours, so that makes me doubly happy. 🙂

I have my wine glass filled. The babies are at ‘Daddy’s’..i’m totally on chill mode and enjoying that little moment that all of us busy folk, single mums, or head cases need…that essential time that we label…’ME!’ Hurrah! Wine for everyone! (Can’t believe how good work was today. Being in a decent environment, makes all the extra difference..even if in parts you find yourself swearing, with a Cherry 7up in your hand at a being who is waiting for a microwave to work, with an Uncle Ben’s sachet in their hand.)

Now, I don’t really care about Easter. Not one bit. I don’t know why? As I always remembering loving it as a child, as I thought the Easter bunny was real and magical? (I was an ace child.) Plus, I already sort of did Easter with the babies yesterday, where they ate their way through a million eggs for kicks…I mean, we’ll do it all again on Sunday…but really now…Easter is a bore. Unless you’re religious then I guess it’s important…or something? God loves Bunnies? Is that the message? Wait, let me reach for my ‘condensed version Bible’ given to me by a chick named Mary, who i don’t at all know. She prayed and God had told her to give it to me. I AM NOT LYING. That’s what she told me anyhow. But she then said, ‘I made sure to give you the condensed version, as it’s simpler and you’ll absorb it better.’ LOL. How rude! 🙂 Apparently there’s some Christian channel I can also watch, that is 24 hours on freeview? It’s ironically on Channel 69.. :)…which means a whole different thing to me. Plus, i’m far too loving and intelligent for all that. I fill my head, with that good stuff…which i class as Reality tv and reality tv re..runs…non stop, until my brain explodes. That’s why i’m so smart. *Wiggle. Wink. Hip Bump.* But whatever, I watched the ‘Leaders Debate’ yesterday by accident. I don’t know how it got on my telly, but it did. Luckily it was more interesting than I thought…even though it was filled with cheesy fake grins, serious angry eyebrows and some minor, rubbish chitter chatter… on how the country should be run. 🙂 Great suits though.

Why am I currently eating ‘Veg Crisps?’ It’s the Bank Holiday weekend. I should be dancing to Mark Ronson hits, downing inky shots and telling 17 year olds that I don’t want to make out…in heels.

I’m already in my pyjamas, waiting for a burrito, chatting to ‘the boy’ and ofcourse with a wine. I utterly appreciate these moments, because they never ever happen. I work hard and i love work. I mummy hard and i adore my babies. I run my my eyelash company really well…and it seems as though i sort of do everything…but i manage it ..well do it…all by myself. I enjoy these moments, because i deserve them 🙂 and veggie crisps don’t at all taste bad when you wash the down with gallons of red wine.

Anyway..what else?

The ‘slave boy’ still wants to be my slave. Some other dude sent me a message asking me to an ‘escort,’ but tried to sell it to me like it was the best career I could ever take part in! LOL. Jesus CHRIST! I’m the opposite to Usher…and I did once have a job where in which I showed boobies for money…during my old glamour model days…so i’m open minded…yet even I couldn’t be nice to the ‘Hey, be an escort’ guy. He said I could make ‘big money’ and have ‘lots of fun.’ HAHAHA. What? By bonking random dudes for cash? Isn’t that being a prostitute? I’m too old to ‘put out..’ and any form of ‘doggy style’ would put my back out. Even if you dangled bacon in front of me. But there’s no ‘wahey’ to the girls that do take part in such wonderful times…as I really don’t think it should be seen as a career option and that chicks should just always have proper jobs. And that’s coming fro a girl who is loosely moraled. I think it’s more the fact that I know that there are men out there encouraging hot girls, young girls, or broke girls to be escorts. That part of it annoys me. I don’t see them letting folk McBum them for cash. I guess what i’m saying is…don’t exploit women and women don’t be weak enough to be exploited. We all have and will be exploited again at some point. But for now..let’s enjoy hard work, lots of play and embrace being women, in all the right ways! Champagne, giggles and everything!

I’ve been through really hard times in MY life, but know that there’s always a light at the end of tunnel. Keep smiling, stay strong, get through it. I did and my life turned out AMAZINGLY and I only say it, because at the time, i NEVER EVER thought it would. I was super dooper worried.

Anyway, the other night, this guy that I used to date…well sort of date…well he asked me if I was on birth control when we were together…which was years ago in LA…and i’m talking in 2007ish.. Bizarre isn’t it? At the time we had been trying for a baby, stupidly…and I never ever fell pregnant…to the point where he thought that I could be infertile. Hmm?

Now…I have two babies….years on…and well it’s almost as if i’m the most fertile human on the planet…Like I always say, you only have to wink at me and i’m up the duff, with triplets. LOL. That’s why i stay sat down, away from trouble and with my legs crossed. It isn’t worth the terror. I mean, I have two bambinos already, but it would’ve been three..as remember last year in Jan..as in 2014…God that seems ages ago now…I was accidentally pregnant with baby three…Yet because Keiran was a twat to me…we lost it. Yet, I believe everything happens for a reason and i’m happy that mylife took a u turn for the better and rocket up the stars. I’m more than happy. Life is GREAT!

I’m already having the BEST BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND EVER! I love you. I’m sending you kisses..

Enjoy life as much as you can, as when you do…it sort of loves you back.

Chrissie x













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