Happy ‘Almost’ Easter

Good morning my merry chickadees of delight! Happy ‘almost’ Easter! Whether you are stocking up on choccie eggs, organizing a little garden hunt, placing on those Playboy bunny ears, churching it, making a bonnet, baking a few buns or pretending that you’re going to have a good time with your long lost relatives…I hope you are well and certainly hope you are keeping it sexy. I’m not sure when Easter begins? Yet with it being Friday and with there being no work..you might as well add a wine and enjoy it with love and a whole lot of good clean merriment. *Wink* I think it’s Good Friday and with me not really being too religious, I don’t exactly know what that means, other than no meat eating and maybe just being good? 🙂 But i hope you have a bunny filled weekend and if that involves champagne than even flipping better. Not quite sure why people tend to hot cross bunning though? In Wunna land, hot, cross, buns are a whole different thing? Not very Easter! 😉

I’m currently watching my little baby Ruby nap on the sofa, after a deliciously warm bottle and a morning game of ‘Confetti shower.’ You KNOW you’re my daughter when your morning game is ‘Confetti shower’ followed by ‘wiggling.’ The game simply consists of Ruby kneeling on the floor, looking up and then having wedding love heart confetti showered over her, by Mummy dearest. The excitement on her face is AMAZING. Lmao. Then after a *wiggle* she’s knackered and needing a kip. Infact, it’s only 11.29am and i’m actually needing a kip. ‘Handsome Keiran’ didn’t get in until late last night, due to work. I was woken up by him naked shining an iphone screen light in my face, so he could tell me he loves me and give me a kiss. A totally ‘worth it’ moment. I’m a light sleeper. I’m up and ready for a smoochie anytime really.

Okay, last night, before he went to work and after my mum had lost her handbag, by leaving it on the top of her boot before driving over to see me, I recieved a random ‘Unknown call.’ I hate ‘Unknown’ calls, due to a past of prank callers, however now i’m having to answer them, incase any of them are work related. I answer, the mystery male caller asks me if i’m ‘Chrissie Wunna.’ I tell him ‘yes’ and then he proceeds (after i question wh0 he is) to tell me how hard i’m making his willy, just by him hearing my voice?

I look to my left, as Keiran wants to know who it is. I briefly explain the ‘willy’ part of the convo and my ‘handsome’ leaps off the sofa, snatches my phone off me and gives my mystery male corner, who’s inner ‘perv’ had got the better of him, a piece of his ‘defend my honour and protect what’s his’ mind. (HOT!) I like men of that sort. I’ve picked a good hubby to be. He’s both lovingly romantic, yet a warrior all at the same time. Can’t remember what was said, but the words ‘Prick’ and ‘Cunt’ were voiced, toppled over with a ‘don’t ever call this number again!’ Then we giggled, got back in our bubble and continued to do life the way we wanted to.

We’ve recieved really great news, that i cannot at all tell you about. It’s so good that i don’t even know how to feel. It’s certainly news to celebrate and well i don’t think i’ve absorbed it yet. Neither of us have! But when your agent calls you with an ‘OMG YOU’VE FLIPPING DONE IT!!!’ Followed by an ‘I CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE IT!!’ You know life has taken a turn for the best. What we’re going through right now is crazy and for two normal people from a little town in Yorkshire, we’re actually not doing to badly.

Anyway, i won’t bore you anymore with my *blah, blah-wiggle-wiggle-pout-hip bump-strutt.* Have a wonderful day and KNOW that dreams really do come true! They happen ANY TIME and ANY WHERE!

Big love and Bunny ears! (Keiran’s sauntered down naked, shoved some grey joggers on and is now dropping pans. Must go! He makes ‘porridge cooking’ look so difficult.)

Chrissie x

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