Halloweeny Y’meany


Halloween has got the better of us here in Wunna land. It’s Junior’s first Halloween and Ruby’s first ‘actually liking’ Halloween today and well i’ve been up since the crack of dawn, whopping them in pumpkin outfits and letting them enjoy the day, with Halloween treats galore. It has been the ultimate, most delicious amount of madness imaginable and before it even struck 11am, I was gleefully exhausted with merriment.




So i’ve taken the day off, simply because the great people who fixed my car brakes the first time managed to ‘bodge’ it up and FORGET to place 2 rather important bolts back, when shoving it back together. Hmm..? It caused an accident. A ‘brakes don’t work’ kinda of accident, which ended up with me having to drag my car to the most reliable source…which was the Mercedes dealership itself. I’m slowly learning that you really do get what you pay for and well it’s always best to go the specialists to begin with. I could’ve had the children in the car! Never good, with not working brakes. Well done boys! #idiots All I can say is that when fixing brakes, it’s probably best to FIX THEM and NOT FORGET  TO PUT THE BOLTS BACK IN!!

Anyway, my mum ended up being at the Mercedes dealership with me, as Mercedes refused to let me drive my car off the lot, simply because it was far too dangerous to operate on the roads and to make matters funny…whilst we were there HER CAR also broke down (after the SAME PEOPLE fixed her wheels and managed to break her suspension springs, without telling her)…so there we were completely CAR LESS and not knowing what to do!

Mercedes ended up driving us home, after I had convinced my MOTHER NOT TO BUY another car, simply so we had a vehicle to drive home in! (And you wonder how I became a material girl.) It had been a long day. I had been to an interview earlier that morning. I had no-one to collect the children from nursery and so along with a bad hair day, I gave in, giggled and we both went to lunch at The Angel in Ackworth. (The only ‘walking distant’ venue nearby us.)

The rest of day went well, simply because when there’s nothing much you can do, you have to laugh it off with a wiggle. Today, we’re waiting for the cars again. My mum has JUST had hers delivered. Mine will be on it’s way shortly. I’ve already ventured via taxi into Ponty to buy sight because of course, I had to run out, mid-‘having no car.’ 🙂

I’m actually loving today because everyone around me seems so happy. The air is filled with spooktastic joy. I always hated Halloween, until now. I even disliked it during my Hollywood days, when I used to do the big West Hollywood parade, dressed as a slutty cave girl. I was hot back then and partying alongside the likes of Britney Spears. I’d end up at The Abbey with my boys and we’d get joyously crunk, in costumes in the name of Halloween. One Halloween, I actually had to climb onto a roof, with a mango cocktail in my hand to help stop a model friend from killing himself…..DRESSED AS A SLUTTY, DIAMOND DRIPPED CAVE GIRL. Lol. I had to perch on the roof, under the moon and convince him that life was worth living, as he questioned his sexuality. He wanted a kiss. He was gay. I gave him one. (What? It was to save his life god damn it.)Then with the mango cocktail still in tact, not a drop spilled, we both evntured down the fire escape, which lined the wall and got him back to Halloween, Hollywood…safety? Yay! (I was reminising the good times and memories I have with Chef Ronnie Woo also. He’s doing so well now and I miss him soo much. Please make sure you check out his website. www.thedeliciouscook.com He’s cooked for Jessica Alba and everything! Oooh! )

Anyway, this afternoon we bun baked. Ruby’s obsessed with baking random buns these days, so I figured we’d get on with it…except she wanted to do it naked. (I’ve birthed an exhibitionist! I have no idea where she gets that from?


Halloween is much acer when you have kiddies. t brings the innocence back into Holidays and seasons. Yeah you could go on a fruity, boozy, drug fueled bender…if you’re that way inclined…OR you can dress you’re kids up as pumpkins and enjoy every moment of excitement with them. Junior has weirdly LOVED IT more than ANYONE. That boy is a natural when it comes to picture taking. He’s always so jolly that I capture really lovely moments of his life. he giggles through the worst of them and well makes every moment of Mummyhood worth it.

I’m waiting for my car. Finally got fresh eyes. Having Marks & Spencer sandwiches for lunch and totally found the best new driver ever. He drove Beyonce the other week…she had stayed at Waterton Park, which humours me. Poor chick. Must be just the same as a swanky Hollywood hotel suite. 🙂 Anyway, it was good to know that MY BUM, was sat exactly where BEYONCE and Hussain Bolt’s BUM’s were sat a couple weeks ago. I’m hiring this guy to drive me everywhere, whenever I don’t have wheels.

Just so you know Marks and Sparks do the best stuffed vine leaves ever. Ruby ate all mine, which may seem odd to you, yet her taste is quite impeccable when it comes to food.

But anyway, i’ll blog later, when i’ve chillaxed. Yay to almost working brakes! And yay to ‘a waiting for me’ Mimosa!!

Life is great dolls!


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