Was merrily dancing around G-A-Y late last night, put my handbag down on the sofa, within 15 minutes…it got stolen. They literally took EVERYTHING, all my cards, my cash, my ID, my change, and my FUCKING PHONE!!!! A bouncer found my bag…and returned it to me EMPTY. Then my actual purse was found by a bin, and given back to me EMPTY. I still have no phone…so i can’t contact anyone, and no-one can contact me. Do not BBM my phone. I don’t have it, so it will be some loser on the other end, reading your message.

But thankyou to everyone that helped out and thanks to everyone that couldn’t be arsed…(I do actually have a lot to say about my yesterday, as a lot did happen…but as of right now, i just need to cry a little, and sleep this day off.)

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