Growing Up, Saving Up & Diets


Gosh! I’ve been eating like a piglet, a ‘chubba’…a Hungry Hippo on a period. I want it to be Summer and although i’m enjoying this Spring weather…(light nights, brisk, bright mornings,) as it leads us into a super hot June…my body is just not ready for it. It’s all kebabs and burger meat. I need fruit, salad and watching my weight to occur.

I’m just being a girl, but I am one, so i have an excuse…but the back of my thighs are all wibbly and orange peely. They’re having a giggle and my expense…literally whilst I walk. And even though I find it funny, as now that i’m old, i’m far less body conscious, as you just have to let nature take it’s course, you can’t be thirty something, with babies and expect to have the body of a 19 year old and men who expect that are tools. Women shouldn’t feel under pressure and if you’re in the right relationship, with the right guy, you won’t. He’ll love you anyway. Isn’t it gross when you hear boys boast about it their ‘young girl or cougar’ bonks. Like they’re willies are much bigger now. But whenever you see a fifty year old man with a 20 year old girlfriend….it shows you his level of insecurity and her level of ‘need dosh.’ 🙂 It also show the exact same, when you flip the coin! Don’t get it twisted.

Women are beautiful anyway and when their beauty or body fades, you better hope to God that her personality is worth it, as that’s all your left with when you’re growing old together. Lol.

Diet starts today, though, so forget all that!! HAHAHAH. Why do we always want to look good? Or at least look the best we can??? So bizarre???

I’m saying all this, but i’m finally at a stage, like I said in a previous blog where in which i’m actually so content and peacefully happy that i couldn’t give a ‘monkies’…and that’s not like me. I’m competitive, ambitious, annoying and thirsty for life, achievement…great bodies, love and all sorts. So, i’m either old and losing my touch, or growing up and sensible now.

You decide? (I need to snap out of it and make bras out of coconut shells.)

I love that exactly a year today…as in LAST YEAR, I was doing this….

Like this..


My little Emily Woodcock. (Who’s now moved to Bermuda, to live with her handsome partner Mark. THEY MET ON TINDER. I know! Amazing!)

And now i’m all chilled and calm, being ‘Mama,’ handing out my knitting needles and giving out good advice to randoms who think i chat shit. 🙂

I like it. It’s makes me smile. Fun is only good, when you’re with the right people. Fun with the wrong people ruins everything.

How are you all doing with your money saving goals? I’m still doing my savings chart thing… It was my New Years resolution, lots of people are doing it, or a version of it, where in which you put £1 into savings on week one, £2 on week two etc….I’ve now saved up around £40 (lol) whoopppeee! (Some are doing it with a penny isntead of a pound and that’s still great!) It’s a good feeling, as by the end of the year, I would’ve conjured up an extra £1300 or something near that?

I’m budgeting. I’m not spending nearly as much and i’ve had things like ‘do’s,’ birthday parties…all sorts. I’m giving myself a weekly budget and i’m loving saving up. Once it’s in there, you CANNOT TOUCH IT.

Life is much easier when you accumulate first,before you spend. That way you’re never living from paycheck to paycheck and having to go back to zero each time. If you can take time out of ‘fun’ or spending for a while…and gather your fine earned pences….(yeah life is a bit dull for a bit, but worth it in the long run,) then your plain sailing…aka HAPPY!

Get Saving!!!



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