Grooming glamourously and that little bit of abuse

So, i’ve managed to find time to groom today. I miss my ‘grooming’ time. I had a life before that granted me hours and hours of mirror time and well after baby making, married life, work, travel and all sorts ‘da-daaaa’ into my life, i’ve not found the correct amount of ‘tick-tock’ to beautify. Today, i had that and it felt divine.

I extra longed a warm delicious shower, flicked my hair, tanned, pouted, eye lined and everything in between. I felt a million dollars and even though the Yorkshire weather was nothing more than a down pour.

Unfortunately, i then realized that i had run out of milk. Devastating news, as it’s always the biggest bummer to run out of anything that you immediately need. Be it milk, love, time or vino. So i bundled on my faux fur, placed in my square diamante clusters and with a deep breath, edged out of my patio doors and into the drizzle…to Spar. (Where i smashed cider yesterday.)

There i was feeling all youthful and delicious, then just as i turn the corner and dolly totter a few steps forward, i get called a ‘Chink winky,’ 🙂 (I shouldn’t laugh) but a teenage girl, teamed with another teenage girl, who both decided to adorn matching purple hair streaks today. You can’t win’em all. But you certainly can win what matters.

I stopped, looked and smiled. Abuse is always fine, when you’re on your way to buy wine..i mean milk. 🙂 Plus, it always makes you feel better when you take a quick glance at your mouthy teenage bit of ‘rah-rah’ and realize that they had co-ordinated a grey and black Adidas hoodie, with white joggers…the ones with the red stripes down each leg. Now, i’m one who celebrated all people, from all walks of life, however you really can’t go around calling ‘The Divine’ names if you have chosen to mis-match your outfit and THEN put a faded purple streak in your hair, whilst sat on a wall. Plus, everyone knows, if you’re going to wear joggers, you really must do heels with it 🙂 and if you’re going to sit on a wall and abuse people on  Friday afternoon, you really should be in a corset, lovingly perched with a kitten wiggle and a flirty kind eye. The only way to get away with name calling is to be charming with it. 🙂 Big hair, big lashes, big posh mouth, is the only way it works. You can’t mis-match and gob off, then expect joyous applause, to the sound of victory.  I saw them on my way back and they had failed to move on from the wall space and had now decided to hit on construction men.

I tottered forward, confidently with a smirk and two plastic bags filled with ‘i might cook this stuff tonight’ goods. The construction men hooted and hollered at me.The girls felt bad about themselves and sheepishly wall sat uncomfortably. (Should’ve done heels with the joggers. 🙂 ) I once again looked and smiled…. and the gobby, teenage, mis-match said NOTHING. In fact, she  tried to smile back. That’s not how to win alliances. Lol. Be good to the people on your walk way, as they might one day have something (even if it’s only the attention of bizarre construction men) that you may need or wish you had. *Boom* My wine and I are fine…as are the steaks i bought. I can’t believe i got called a Chinese Teletubby today. So much for extra time grooming! 🙂

Aside from all that romance is filling Wunna Land. In the last week my delicious hubby, from the kindness of his heart has gifted me with surprise flowers, a ‘Thank you for loving me’ card and then this morning (because he had to set off early to work, somewhere in London) he had wrote a love letter, a quick one before he left and placed it upon the living room floor by a shoe, for me to find, as i bundled Ruby up for the nursery run.


It’s just nice to feel adored and romanced when you’re a girl and even though i’ve always dreamt of a boy romancing me, I never ever thought i would find such a man, due to the way the other boys i’ve dated have poorly performed. I don’t think i have dated a boy who has been this great to me romantically and well sometimes it’s all any glamour puss needs, in order to let her confidence and inner beauty glow. Men! You will get more out of your lady if you treat her with love, respect, then dazzle it with romance. I know a lot of boys are really embarrassed to show how romantic they are and i find that weird because surely they know we women adore it. It really does depend upon the maturity of the man and how emotionally secure he feels with the girl he is with. I’m sure Keiran’s gone through mass dickhead phases with women. Yet, i’m just happy that with me…he’s a heart throb. Good timing. Right love match. Fate.

I’m feeling really good today and because i’ve managed to have a rest. I was getting all stressed and narky because the need to succeed was getting the better of me. It was pounding and mushing up my mind and causing all sorts of mayhem. So tonight i’m simply going to enjoy family time and be excited by my gorgeous little Ruby, (who is surprising me a how chatty she is now.) Keiran asked her who she saw at nursery today and her reply was ‘BOYS!’ 🙂 We don’t even know where she got that from. But i adore her. She’s certainly a clever little box of tricks. Plus, i’m also going to enjoy hubby/wifey time. Over the last week we’ve been so busy that we haven’t had time for a proper snuggle, or even a one on one, on the sofa.

Life is always as god as you make and as charming as you see it. Don’t be fooled by other peoples drama. Simply enjoy what you have, it’s the only way you will ever grow to be a success.

Thank you for following my life.

Happy Fricking FRIDAY Dollies.

Look how cute Baby Ruby is on this link: (I enjoy her folded neck and they also spelt her name wrong. But ah well. Like I said, you can’t win’em all. 🙂 )


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