Got my Future Told….


Morning My ‘sex pots’ of ‘shimmie.’ It’s 7.38am, i’m up early and groomed as i have a big day of work today. Therefore whilst most of you are recovering from hangovers, or finding your ‘sunday’ suit for church, or rolling a nasty something that looked a million times better when drunk out of your bed, know that I (lil’ Miss. Wunna) is busy taking the neccessary steps for World Domination. (Yaaay!) Everyone always wants to know how i do well and well i do well because i’m not stupid. I mean, i’ve just had this massive argument with a girl, who i went out for the same part as..(which i can’t tell you about.) And i guess she blames me for her ‘mess,’ (that i’m refusing to take responsibilty for) as she sat at home for a week and rehearsed, rehearsed, rehearsed, didn’t live or do ANYTHING but rehearse. ‘I’…like the prize idiot, class clown that I am, do nothing, but live, die and cry of a broken heart all week, go out, get drunk and party. We both go in for the same role, put on tape for LA and (i could’ve been a bit hungover actually) and well I got it. (Yeeeeeaaaaah!) But that’s just how it works for me. I have this natural talent to wing it, i think and well throw myself into something ‘heart n soul.’ lol But i’m just gonna go with ‘i have more talent’ (Hahahaha.)  I said that to her and well yeah, she didn’t think it was funny. But in LA you don’t have to have gone to a school, been taught or anything, they don’t care about that, it really does just go on what you produce in that room (oooh Matron) and ur ability.

But anyway, we’re actors and well in my book, it doesn’t matter what area of performance you wish to tamper with, be it singer, dancer, actor,writer, socialite…whatever? My ex-hubby and I (who is probably the best actor in his age range right now) have worked with some of the worlds greatest minds & learnt from them. Therefore KNOW that the  Greatest talents get their ability from LIVING life, experiencing it first hand and feeling, absorbing whilst giving out RAW emotion, without FEAR!!!! It’s all about being fearless. And it’s less about someone text book teaching you how to ‘BE’ a performer. That can only take you so far. If you haven’t experienced it in life, then how to do expect to ‘talent’ over someone who’s felt and lived that emotion harshly and first hand. I mean, you could still be good, but you’ll never be As good. (And that goes for anyone who wants to ‘make it.’) Therefore even though it seemed like i wasn’t concentrating on what i was doing, i accidentally totally was! Woo-hoo! (Pat on the back for Me.) Champagne anyone? My teacher would always say to me, ‘look honey, if you want to pull this off, then you’ve got to go out there and fucking live it. Find that true emotion. Don’t play it.’ He also told me i had to not be afraid to be ugly…which is a massive piece of advice. I obviously didn’t listen and just stayed hot. (sizzle.)

OMG! On a more exciting note. Last night i talked to a medium, well a psychic, but a really good one that is ridiculously accurate, hence why she costs so much and OMG i was blown AWAY at the stuff she knew. We went through everything together, past, present, future and well i can’ t believe all the stuff thats gonna happen to Me. I’m in shock, but it’s good shock. I’m a bit overwhelmed, but i’m completely excited.  The weird thing was she kept randomly going on about ‘Jonny’ which was a bit annoying, (but only ‘coz i like it to ALL be about ME lol.) However, she told me about our past, his future and where he’s going wrong, why he is and basically what he needs to do. You know….where he’ll be at. Craziness i tell ya.

Anyway before i go to work, BOYs, Boys, Boys, i’m currently not interested in dating AT ALL. It’s not on my list of priorities right now and your making me feel uncomfortable, by being too pushy. Chillax. You’ll know when i’m ready, as my BLOG will tell you. (lol.) I just wish to be single right now and it’s more beneficial for me. Like it makes me feel more powerful. I’m gonna leave you with this quote to put you off for a bit, said to me by one of my ages ago exes:

You’re like one of those overly lit, shit games at the fairground, with the clucky chicken , that you put 20p in and win FUCK ALL.’ (Hahahah…i love it! Best Quote EVER! This is how I do it!!!) He’s a really good friend now… POUT

I’ve rambled on a bit today! I’m leaving. Oh… but i saw a beautiful teenage girl this morning, that obviously didn’t realize her beauty, because if she did, she wouldn’t have been wearing those Ninja Turtle Bermuda shorts.

6 thoughts on “Got my Future Told….”

  1. My eyes are hurting and im half cut but reading parts of this blog which i will come back to after a nap and being a trained actor i agree wiv ya chrissie! yo, ya know ya shit dont ya!” Have a great day im oiff to bed!!

  2. well you see i know you have a thing for midgets and i always see one on a bike in pontefract town centre!! Like a proper big bike with a midget on it!! I like lesbians on bikes aswell thats funny also!! lol, Im ‘cut’ because im a washed up sexy pieve of filth that has been out dancing on podiums in gay so gay vauxhall havking girls and guys lust after me, i LOVE it!! And i drank 2 much vodka!! U do inspire me to have more fun i have to admit since stumbbling across this bloody blog that is the almighty ms WUNNA! Ur freaking heads gunna get more huge bitach!! nah but seriously, your onto a winner chrissie, by accident or not you are. Its working so roll it out!! Work and leave your god damn heel prints of a legacy!! U have balls gal, disguised cleverley under sexy lacy things!! I respect you. I do. I dont suck up. U earnt it. From Badworths to hollywood and more, i mean come on, 3 fucking cheers!!! 10 freakin points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im not gunna be long behind you mark these words!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxx

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…I AM COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH YOU! I do lvoe being worshipped by drunks, who i’ve inspired to get even drunker. I have balls, the really meaty kind that don’t move, just BULGE with anger. Now i want wine and it’s morning time. And yeah my ego is somewhat atrocious, but like if you were me, you’d LOVE IT too…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    i have never seen a midget nor lesbians on a bike before. I’m going to go with ‘it;s lies, i tell ya!’

    I adire you, especially when trashed, cut and in that moment thinking ‘oh i know, i’ll fucking read that bitches blog’ LOL

    YEAH LOVER!!!! Taking OVER!

  4. HAHAHAHA .. OMG i actually feel like a wino now bitch!!

    Its true!!!!!!!! Theres a small (no Pun, really it wasnt) Midget communtiy in Pontefract!! There is and theres one whos a midget of a midget that rides a big bike!! I always see him when im home!! Bless him and his little legs!! My friend will back me up on this see always sees him, bit innopropiate to say, ‘hey midget, gizza picture’ me thinks, but hey fuck it!! Who likes appropriate!! It’s boring!! But tis NOT lies i tell you!!

    I wasnt even THAT drunk regrading the ‘i love drunk Gary twiiter’!!!!!!!! Yes, you read my mind, i was walking home, clothes hanging off, washed up hoe, half dead, FINALLY got home 7am and put the key in my door, looked at my big cosy bed then the first thing i did was read the bitches blog!!! Well tried!! Least i logged on and skimmed my eys across it i deserve at least 5 points!!

    Oh and yes lesbians on a bike!! A moutain bike that oozes masculinity not a dainty lady one! I find them scary, polo necks and tattoos.. (shudders) right you have got me talking about random things now like dykes on bikes etc…!!!!!! Look what you do to me!! Right im trotting off to the kettle with the image of ‘meaty balls that bulge with anger’ spinning around in my head!! MASH!!!!!!!!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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