Gooood Friday

Glamour pusses, gents and…well whoever else is reading, no matter where in the world you reside! I honestly believe that I am the ONLY person in the entire world having to work all the way through Easter, like a little money making, knees are killing, Bunny elf, who is watching everyone sips vino in beer gardens, wear shorts and enjoy family, sunshine with a side of Easter!

Ofcourse I’m dramatic. Yet i literally only have Sunday off, which is utterly dedicated to ‘doing Easter’ with the babies (and i can’t wait)..however other than that, I worked today, i’ll work tomorrow…the next day i’m free, yet bank holiday Monday…I’M WORKING. On my own! Lol. The good thing is they’re be moola in my sequinned pocket. So i won’t moan. The bad thing is…there’s no bad thing, I just like having a moan. I like money making. Plus, I do actually get Sunday off, making my time with the babies Greatness. This time a few years ago i was sat in someones appartment an an air mattress drinking champagne. I made no money that day. Just a memory. This time I can shout ‘Cha’ching’ at the Easter bunny. Easter Smeaster. I’m not even religious. Good Friday to me is just a day where you’re good? I mean, Lord knows it has anything to do with the Crucifixion of Jesus or anything. πŸ˜‰ I enjoy how half of the children in the nation don’t even know what Easter is about!?! I was told this morning that they thought it was Easter Bunny’s birthday. Lol. Nevermind, it’s not something you really NEED to know. Plus, ‘Blond Emma is birthing the new Jesus anyhow. Yeah, she’s overdue and waiting for her baby to arrive. I told her to do vindaloos and booty shaking…However, I then realized that I went far too ghetto on her, as she was on her birthing ball doing pineapple. (Not very ethnic. πŸ™‚ ) I hope her baby boy pops out soon. I’m so excited but i know how shitty she must be feeling right now. the overdue waiting stage sucks balls. (And no-one really likes that…not even the really insecure girls. πŸ˜‰ )

The babies are currently out having a blast in the sun. I’ve just got home form i’m having a wine and a ‘feets up.’ I still have a rash. Sexy, i know. But i’m being a bit more open minded about things these days. It seems the grey clouds are a lifting. My mum told me off for being negative last night. Yet if i’ve worked all day and need to be in bed by 9pm and have the babies to look after..the last thing I want to do at midnight is hold happy conversation, when i’m knackered. I’m old now, i can’t do late nights and work early. Lol. I adore my mum. I’d be lost without her. But like all mums and no doubt my two bambino’s will say it about me, (do ya Yorkshire accent here) she dunt half go on…

Lash line, lash line…so excited. Working hard. Very happy about that, Slooowly moving. Cheers to that. Still staring at flat packed boxes that i haven’t lifted a single finger to open and fill yet. πŸ™‚ I’m such a glamour puss that I find it really hard to tend to ‘men’s work.’ πŸ™‚

On the Keiran front…i can’t decide if he’s a good natured person or a bad, charming, manipulative person. It’s troubling me as it will decide a lot once i’ve figure it out. It he a being that always has an agenda. Or is he genuine, ind and loving? I don’t know anymore? I’m so misted over with it.

Yet it’s not a concern right now, as i have a lot on. Id everyone else working through Easter? No? Dint’ think so. Annoying. πŸ™‚

I love you, i thought i’d whop out a quick blog before wine and whilst the babies are out. (My babies are ACE. I adore them!)

I think my eyelash has just fallen off (no i’m not wearing my own today πŸ™‚ ) when that happens…it certainly means it’s time to log off.

C-ya, love ya..

Wish me luck…








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