Good news phone calls.



We all love a GOOD NEWS phone call. Y’know, that I told you that I had phone calls to make that made me nervous. Ones that I had to make, that I didn’t particularly want to make and incase the outcome of those calls, weren’t exactly what I wanted to hear.

Well…only today…out of busy-ness (and fear) I made them. It took me a week of actually ‘going to’ do it. I’ve pushed them back for months. Anyway, done. Feel the fear and do it anyway. BOTH came back GREAT. So, if your frightened for no reason…just do it any way because the outcome is probably going to better than you think, which made me think that I must have some kinda issue of thinking the worst is going to happen to me, when that’s not at all the case…which isn’t very positive. It means my mind lays in zone negatory..out of fear. I think i’m just used to terrible things happening this year. 2014 has started with a shock. It gets better though. I’m sure. Honest. Now, three months in, everything is all coming into place. I have it together. The life is getting pushed together nicely and my world is deliciously divine…with glitter sprinkles and a big old hump of REAL. I’m really lucky. And well far more attractive. I think men are attracted to girls who seem like they have it together. It’s true. Now…i do. THANK GOD. Day job, dream job…all in tow. Mothering well. Looking good. Happy. Good combo. Add ‘going places,’ and offf to be a success..and well you can’t go wrong with me. 😉

But yes, two good news outcomes. REALLY good news outcomes. One even gives me money. Lots of extra doshola. I mean, if I didn’t call, i would never have recieved such a bundle of £££’s. So, i’m breathing, i’m happy and changing my mindset. You can think you’re being positive, when really you’re not at all. But saying that, I have just experienced my ‘time of the month’ meaning from today onwards, i’ll perk up and step onto platform merrier. I’m crap when it’s period time simply because i’m a bag of emotions anyway. But how great! All is well!

The house stuff is going fine. Spoke about my eyelash business plan peeps today. Ruby is in actual pain, but hiding it. I do that, that’s how I know. I think it’s more the IDEA of her having a poorly, that is ‘urking’ her out. She’s quite particular is Rubes and so any sort of imperfection will annoy her. (She’s currently watching CBeebies and watching a singing police man hiding in bushes and doing a funny, dancey walk, whilst smiling and lip syncing merrily, in the name of children’s entertainment. Her response…’Why is he being a weirdo?’ 🙂

Ah! I feel great again. Great because I was brave. Great because I was delivered news of goodness for being brave. Kids that stickers for that shit. What do adults get?

Lots of you are actually asking me marriage questions today…well in regards to my own. Don’t be scared to, as I know that I haven’t spoke much about it…purposely. However,  I’m exceedingly open about it all, so feel free to ask away…i’ll tells ya how I feel and where we are with it. Like i’ve always said, I can’t have a blog that is meant to tell you all about my life, than be forced to skip bits that you all want to hear about. Just know, that is wasn’t me who wanted me to skip them. I’m open…i’m honest…i’d tell you it all…like I always have..and from my own point of view.

Just reading about the guy who won the £100 million on the Euromillions this time around…Neil Trotter. Not bad at all. I’m very jealous. Lucky guy. Lucky wife. 🙂 But just think how amazing he must feel today. I want to feel that amazing today. Even my good news phone calls aren’t that ace! Hahaha. Yet happiness is happiness, no matter how it comes…whether it comes with the little things, the material things, the achievements…love. What every puts a smile on ya miserable face…is good with me. #winehere (Aww, i’ve just discovered that my mum’s left me a little homemade, Burmese food delivery. SCORE! Reminds me of being little. Asian parents rock. Lunch much.)










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