Good Morning Tuesday!


Morning!!! Happy Tuesday! I’m still off work and i’m adoring every single second of it. I am especially excited that i’m only on Day 2 of my week off and I’m managed to spend the morning chilling, having breakfast with the babies. (BLISS!) As, i’m typing this, Junior’s currently doing my hair, with Ruby’s pretend hairdressing equipment. He’s a little rough. Lol. But it still counts as a pamper.

I’m waiting for news today, so i’m excited. I’m venturing to the Doctors today (in regards to my preggo, not preggo situation.) I only have two more appointments left for it now, so i’m almost sorted. It’ll feel good today, as my Mum is going with me. She’s quite poorly herself, as we’ve passed it all around us. (I’m still rocking a fuzzy head and can’t eat properly, but i know that in the end, i’ll be dandy. It’s only because I ran my entire body down because I felt like I had to work and couldn’t call in sick, AND both my babies had it at the same time) However, it’ll feel good today because i’ll get to feel like an actual patient, who’s being cared for, rather than someone who has to run errands for everyone all the time. I mean, I did get a text last week from a being trying to be helpful, by wanting to come. Yet, I’m not sure making me have to go get them and errand them there is that helpful. It helps them…be a part of it all. Yet doesn’t help me at all. Lol. *People.*

But yes, Mama Wunna is coming to the rescue and showing  her eldest some proper love. FEELS SO GOOD! Plus, I have Juni’ with me right now, which makes life dandy. (AND I managed to get the bins out in time. AND Juan Pablo is coming back to England for a visit! There is a GOD! All i need now is to book a massage in before the end of the week and BOOM, I’m sorted!)

Like I said on a previous blog, things are really simple in Wunna land right now and it’s perfect. I’m smiling because things are becoming more and more balanced.

Last night, I dreamt that a guy stole my purse. I don’t know what that means, but i’m definitely going to Google it and find out? I’m into all that and I hardly ever dream. So it must mean something, right?

I will tell you that is going into what The Gods (Wazza) has chosen to call ‘Blog downtime,’ shortly. Now, I don’t know when, but it’s soonish i think? Nothing crazy is happening. Don’t fret. We are simply changing servers and whilst that occurs….my little kitten mitts will be unable write a blog.

I’ll be able to tell you exactly when it is, a bit nearer the time.

Kisses x



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