Good Boys, Bad Boys & My little Wunnerettes

Wow! I have been nothing but nagged at and yelled at all day. The nagging drains me (she gently pulls her diamonds from out her left ear,) but the ‘being yelled at’ part doesn’t remotely phase me. I’m so used to it now, that it’s merely become a pout, shrug and a sip of my Bacardi Breezer, (she places down her fur.) I’m sat at my window trying to  merrily blog to relieve all this negative stress, after sitting in a Pizza joint, all blank and bewildered, waiting for my much needed comfort food. People wrongly think i’m invincible. I’m made of the same skin & bones as the rest of you. And i’ve started to really see who is strong enough to play by the side of Miss.Wunna and who pretty much still needs a slap. I mean, i’ve had a 20 yr old boy, who didn’t want me to mention his name (JONNY)..who is under the misconception, that he has the power, to control my BLOG. (It’s actually MY name at the top of this screen and not yours!) He should concentrate on living his own life better, instead of trying to edit mine. We’ve had another fall-out, and this time i really don’t care. I don’t have time for negative, Queeny fits of ‘storm off.’ He needs to learn to be good to the people on his way up, as he sure as hell will hit them on his way down. People like him, are ungrateful for those who have been extremely good to them. They tend to take energy from beings who show great strength. They do that because they need to. They need to…because they are weak. They are weak because they do not 100% believe in their own strength. There is no room for negative people like that on Team Wunna. (Like i always say: Winners are positive problem solvers. There is nothing put infront of you that you can’t, in the end, handle. Therefore as we elbow his ungrateful ass out the way, i’ll introduce you to a much more worthy being… Mr.John Daners. A better ‘Jonny.’)

Okay, John Daners is an amazingly, secure witty, confident male. He has the best, most intelligent banter going, I tells ya. A type of personality, that I rarely find in a being these days, with a very well exercised sense of humour. After talking to him from his desk at an MTV office, where i acted as nothing more than a delicious online distraction, and really a bit of a nuisance. I’ve invited him for drinks, so he can raise his 7 out of 10 Wunna score, to maybe almost an 8. (Lol.) I like him because he introduced himself as a ‘lurker.’ He apparently knew me, before he knew me, and well a ‘lurker’ is a being that will read my blog everyday, yet dare not comment. (There’s thousands of you, so don’t be thinking you’re all kinky and special. Hahah…) He’s newly on Facebook you darlings, therefore if you wish to be highly entertained with intelligent jiggery pokery…then he’s your next add!! I can’t wait to do drinks with him and his wind swept hair. He did actually want to know, whether i found it a little worrying that people knew more about my life, then I know about there’s (he knows everything about Me…which i do quite enjoy.) And well the reason i tend not to worry, is because i’m lazy…and well this way people get to remind me of the things i’ve done, after my memory has been raped by Jack Daniels. BOOYAH!

Anyway on a positive note! Oh no wait…i have another negative. Please DO stop mailing my MOTHER hate mail to our Yorkshire home. Today, she recieved almost 14 handwritten letters. We’re going to start sending you all champagne, to Thankyou you very deeply, for reading my blog…and really there isn’t enough time to go to the shop again to buy any more bottles. (Wink, wink.) All i wanted was to make you feel with every cell of your being…and well your proving that i’m doing that. Thankyou.

Finally all i wanted to say is i LOVE my Wunnerettes! (These are the young girls who follow the ways of The Wunna. I mentor them through to a life of Greatness and well I love you very much.) They’re so cute, coz they’ll go in stores and put on fur coats, and start fabulously demanding things, in my voice…or performing my words of Greatness!! Hahaha…

I got a forwarded text message from one the girls the other night, that was sent to them by another Wunnerette…it read: ‘Okay my little ewok, rest your little paws…sleep tight, don’t let the naughty boys bite. Wink. Pout and whisper ‘oooooh la,’…in your dreams you might find yourself a ‘Lashes.’ Mwah. Keep it sexual bitch. I love ya x’

There you go…I AM a good influence after all! IN YOUR FACE!!!! ( I enjoy how a 15 year old girl, can understand me better than a 20 yr old boy. You can make ur own judgements on that. I’m saying nothing. Hahaha. Wink.)

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