Gok wan gave me cold

You would not believe my last few days. I’m exhausted, therefore can’t even write rigth now, let alone be mildly hilarious whilst i do it, so i’ll say my ‘sorries’ in advance. I think Sunday was probably one of the worst days of my life, and yes i am being a Drama Queen, but whatever…i’m knackered, it’s allowed. I had to wake up at some ungodly 5.30 in the morning time. It’s the kind of time that’s only good, if you are returning from the GREATEST night of partying ever, and should never be a ‘oh i just woke up, and want to go on a morning jog’ kind of time!! I don’t like morning joggers?? I don’t get it?? Joggers, are people that are too stupid to realise that they can WATCH TV!! Anyway, i didn’t have to jog…so i don’t know why i’m going on about that? Yet, i did have to pack large bags, strip down into nothing but my bikini knick-knacks, stand freezing my arse off, in the hideous RAIN of Blackpool, (and for AGES,) then strut, in heels…and no clothes, down the whole length of the bloody Blackpool Pier…whilst everyone watched. I now have a cold. Gok Wan gave me it!! I also chit chattered to Mylene klass, who is hotter than ever, and much nicer than GOK…who seems to claim he loves ALL women, but really he only loves the ones that are BROKEN. Anyway, i ended up at an Airport, and although i love airports, as it means i’m running away from something. I do firmly believe that airports are only are ONLY good if you ARE actually travelling somewhere or running away from something….and not very good, if you only ended up there, because there were no other trains to any other place, that late at night. I didn’t get home until 3am. But thankfully, my mother picked me up!!! I love my mum!! Sunday sucked balls!! Gok sucks balls!! (literally)

I’ll never go to Blackpool again, (it’s like a broken down Vegas) and never walk around in a bikini in the rain, for no reason….EVER again. Thank God i’m home, safe and ready for my big day FRIDAY!! I’m doing something super important, that means a soooo much to me. With a little bit of luck, i’ll pull through with flying colours!! I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow….i can’t even keep my eyes open right now!!


3 thoughts on “Gok wan gave me cold”

  1. Hiya,
    Found your website when looking for anything on google with regards to the audition filming for Gok’s new show.
    Can’t believe you are the same girl who stopped us in the street in Blackpool and asked if there was a B&Bs around. I was with my parents and had just finished also from the filming, having not got round to the last 25 to be picked.
    Sorry you did not enjoy the whole experience. My dad said he thought it was wrong that people like you were still walking around at that time of night, stranded! I agree, it was irresponsible of them to let it go on so late.
    Anyway, thought I would let you know that I do remember you that night.
    Take care

  2. I’m better RT my sweet!! I love ya!! Oh and Krishell…how hilarious that you found me…yeah, i didn’t get home until 3am!!! I looked like a roper prozzie roaming the streets at that time with luggage…hahaha


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