Go Shorty! It’s ya Birthday!

On this Merry day ( The Day of my BIRTH) Hitler came into Power, Bill Clinton was Impeached for  lying about Monica Lewinsky sucking his ‘tut tut,’ the last Rolls Royce ‘Ghost’ was sold, and Titanic (biggest money grabbing movie ever) was released in cinemas!

Reading a card from My Mother that says,You Are better than the best ‘ (yeah, i know)/’ A breath of fresh Air…(but i smell of booze?)/‘ A shooting star..’ ( I always feel they move slowly)/ ‘More precious than gold…’ (I prefer Diamonds) and Youre Extra Special!’ ( ‘Special?’ As in yellow helmet, learning disabilites???)

Then i have one that says i’m like a kaleidoscope of balloons.’ Hilarious! Say no to drugs! One that says: ‘If i had one wish, i would get you the brightest star in the sky!’  (Would you really? No you f****** wouldn’t! Lying little trollop!) Then a final card that just reads: ‘Ring the Bell, Bang the Gong, Beat the Drum, Sound the horn!’ (Hahahahah! Four different ways to tell me to ‘wank it-yeah, yeah’ , because it’s my birthday!!)

I’m 28 today bitches, and i’m out on the towny tonighty!! Hope you all celebrate it for Me…it’s the last weekend before Christmas, so get ya drink and ya 2 step….ON!! ENJOY!!

Chrissie Wunna x

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