Go on…Have a cuddle…

As you my cherry treats of ‘winky’ were tucked up in your hopefully soiled satin sheets in dreamland. I was being pulled out of bed, looking like a pork dumpling, having my hair pulled, things plucked, an army of brushes attacking my face and then being handed a coffee with a slap, whilst being placed into baby pink jogging bottoms, sunglasses and thrown into a car that was waiting outside my house to take me to work. I had a shoot…for something i have coming up. It had to be an early morning one…due to other peoples schedules. Now, i’m not a morning Kitty, but work always comes first with me. I often have other beings (like when i was in London) try to ruin my ‘work’ by trying to sabbottage me the night before. (Nice try!) However, nothing is more important to me…i’ll always be there, ready, fresh, on time and excited. I’m not silly. (Well i am silly.) But I’m 29 and well…. i have my priorities right.

It was a gorgeous morning, sort of chilly, but crisp. Fucking springtime is here bitches. I heard birds instead of my normal North London sirens and saw smiles instead of  that angry London look of ‘pressure.’ I felt completely amazing, to the poimnt where i actually nodded and chuckled to myself, as i looked out the car window that ventured me to the studio. (I spilt my coffee down my chest. A lot of things have accidentally soiled my chest *flashback of me turning up on DK’s doorstep, after having sex with My ex-hubby Mikey in the front of his car, down a quiet West Hollywood street by gates, at night, so nobody would see and then running up to get changed to a night out with him on the tiles. Dk opened his door, looked at a giant stain on my  shirt and with a ‘DK, yeah it’s cum’ he let me in and i slipped into something less messy*..but yeah don’t you just hate it when it’s coffee that’s spilt down your top andnd mainly because there’s no story behind it. I went from looking like a Glamour Puss, to a gypo, in seconds. Then got told i was a ‘Lucky girl.’)

My shoot went amazingly well. I’m getting really excited about life right now, and it’s all because i’m being positive and loving everything and everyone around me. I went from feeling lonely and mildly used, to now feeling like i’m surrounded by happiness, hundreds of people who have known me for years..as in ten years, the most loving, warm family and a *glint* in my eye that is keeping my fun alive. I’m ON TOP OF THE WORLD right now and nothing can seem to shake that. It’s important you keep yourself surrounded by positive people. (Ooh i’m getting a text from a hot, muscled bound hero..Thankyou Lord.) Oh and remember…being a Wunna means, you NEVER need to feel like you have to explain yourself. Live YOUR life. Love YOUR friends and make YOUR mark on this land!!

Last night, i was on the phone to LA, on the phone to New york, had all my friends call me, love me, tell me off. I had a bbm banter with

5 thoughts on “Go on…Have a cuddle…”

  1. half of this is clearly made up (‘…yeah coz i’m a figment of ur imagination’) and you know it.your only fooling yourself chrissie. (‘I am’)your just LOST (‘…i was never good at geography’) in the little fame that you do have its a shame really. ive seen a nice girl be destroyed and become completly dilusionel. (‘…I know coz i’m always drunk…tragic innit.’) what are you doing with your life ? !?!?! (‘Working…:) ‘) get out on the cyber world and into the real world. (‘..Do i really have too?’)this is just SO FAKE ! (‘…Awww we at chrissiewunna.com thinks Jenna just needs a cuddle and we are taking it as a sexual advance. 😉 )

  2. Jenna- Oh look another one of the ‘sheepy’ clan…sad. Notice how i have never actually said anything to you, or about you, good or bad….yet you… for no reason (because you’ve never even met me) have gone out of your way to be awful much. Odd really? 🙂 But thankyou for reading up on my life. (Oh and that’s what i do, i just stay at home, scrubbing gussets and make up my whole entire life.) Hahaha… Try living yours better, because the fact that you can’t imagine a ‘being’ having a life, where they go out, have fun and try to make their dreams come true is bizarre…to EVERYONE! I’m hear to inspire,so it’s ashame you can’t c beyond that point of view. Oh & to the being that made u do this…Nice try…lol

    Max: You are a wonderful, positive being and i love you very much. Thankyou for not only having decent taste….in Glamour Pusses lol (had to get that in!) But thankyou for actually spending your time wisely and encouraging others and even loving them with a delicious. ‘Ooh laa.’ Means a lot…thankyou 😉 You are what Team Wunna is about and the world is GRATEFUL to have people like YOU (and me…haha) in it. Big big love and kisses

  3. I like this blog and you are right if you want something bad you work at it I have worked at music since I was a child do I have a recording contract or do I have big money or that no but I have what I want I have the freedom to create my music the way I want and to market it and release it and do what I want with it. No pressure and I can play it where I want and when I want. I got a few fans and am grateful for them. But a lot of people in the past said you have to quite this you need to settle down and do this and that. I knew I had to do what I love to do. That is what makes Chrissie Great she does what she loves to do and she is real and in this world and she doesn’t step on people and put people down. She Rocks.


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