Glug Glug it

Boys!! It is ‘National NUDE day’ in England today!! And this isn’t some crap, ‘Chrissie Wunna made the day up, cos she’s bored day,’ it’s a real life day, to celebrate nudity. I ofcourse, have made the executive decision to be as clothed as i possibly can. Not strickly due to rebellion, but simply because i spend the majority of my days all fleshy and bare, therefore it would be nice to celebrate ‘Clothes,’ on a day when the rest of the nation, bares all, right? I know you’re probably booing, but do i really care? Nope! (Ahh, dee dums!) My nudeness had been on display a lot for ‘all y’all’ (my bit of american for the day,) so i believe you should rejoice in the fact that i am celebrating warm fuzz clothes…for once!

I’m realising that everybody is getting ready to ‘ ride my coat tails.’ I’m all for this, as i’m personally quite brillaint at ‘coat tail riding,’ and riding Donkeys! (When i was three my mum would take me to Bridlington, and i’d beg her to place me ontop of a lazy donkey, just so i could ride it 4 steps up the beach…you mucky monkeys.) Anyway, i’d just like to take this moment to say, ‘ain’t nobody gunna be riding no coat tails,’ (more american slang for you,) until, i’ve plonked myself on some kind of pedastal, put on my tail coat, and waffed at you to jump on them tails!! So there’s no need to all quit ya jobs, get a stylist, and have a quick short back n sides, just yet!! Jesus!! I have a good idea, how about you guys doing someone ACE like me… i can pre-order my stylist!! As soon as i do something, everyone immediatly jumps onto my tiny poorly built raft, and it ‘glug, glugs’ down…and quite ungracefully!! I like the term, to ‘glug, glug down,’ (winky wink wink!)

I’m about to go shopping, and i’m about to pen down some stories that i am so dying to tell, and whilst i do that i hope that YOU (my darling little dirt bags) will ponder through the topless Chrissie Wunna archives, and find yerself a little bit of ‘happy.’

Kisses xx

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