Glitzy bit of ‘Ooh-laa’


Tried to scratch my own eyes out in my sleep last night. 🙂 I guess some might say i have ‘issues up’ much, however through my Dior’s, all i see is a passionate insanity. I was in nothing but white lace knickers and woke up next to my gorgeous hubby to be ‘Keiran’ (who is the Greek God of the household…who’s not at all Greek and just wanted a cuddle) and well there I was in my Ackworth bed..with black eyeshadow smeared upon my face, after my beautiful attempt to gauge my own dreamy eyes out. Lord knows what I was dreaming about? I mean, I watched ‘House Bunny’ before i went to bed. That’s not terrifying. It’s more my entire rosy life of ‘bunny.’ (I enjoy that i live like a bunny, but in Pontefract. I’m always clining onto my Hollywood past and trying to decorate my world with it, even if it doesn’t quite fit. Maybe because i’m an attention whore? I’d got better from that little disease if love, but now, i’m kinda back to full force ‘Look at me’ due to the excitement of my upcoming book. I’ll never learn. Yet i think i do ‘attention whore’ really really well. There’s ‘Chrissie Wunna’ and there’s Chrissie Wunna. The only difference is that…well i dunno? I think i’ve come so far that i’ve morphed them both into one.

Bottom line. If you tried to scratch your own eyes out last night. Don’t worry. You’re still sexy. Honest! *Wiggle-wink*

Handsome Keiran and I are MADLY in love right now. We’ve had a tough tough week of work, stress, deadlines and friendship. He recieved a scary text from ‘The Great Wunna before Me’ (my mother)..which made him feel a little weary. Yet after a little bit of Wunna Family love at ‘China Palace’ in Doncaster. (Rubes was ADORABLE. My little glitzy daughter is certainly getting her personality right now. I caught her peeking at old ladies, from her high chair, with a pork dumpling in one hand and ‘One Direction’ in the other,  then giggling at them, when they sighted her, before frantically trying to hide.) I taught Keiran how to use chopsticks and summon his inner oriental, whilst my mum, dad and brother gobbled down our feast of dim sum love.

Before we sat down, i had a fan. I’ve felt like i haven’t had a proper one in ages. Kevin was his name. We were fumbling around with perfect hair and diamantes, trying to work out how a high chair works for Ruby and there he was lovely ‘Kevin,’ sent by The Gods to make me feel better about myself. With an ‘Are you Chrissie Wunna’ and a ‘Can i have a picture’ we had a chipper little banter about life. I felt his heart beating fast, mid-pose. I introduced him to Keiran, Ruby and my mum and then as he said he was ‘excited because he had met someone famous’…i told him i was ‘hormonal.’ I mean for crying out LOUD Chrissie. Why ‘I’m hormonal?’ I really do need to finely tune my banter. I’m more of a ‘tell everyone the truth’ kinda girl. Yet i’m learning that glitzing the truth over with magic and a wave really does work better. (If you see me waving at you, i’m practising…so go with it..and make like you know me.) *Wiggle-wink-scratch your own eyes out.*

Lovely dinner. Keiran felt much better. Even though it makes me sad to see him down hearted, it sort of warms me up to him because he wants to be loved. We’re both creatures of that nature and i don’t think anyone can love him like i can. Last night, we got back into the bubble for good. We’ve had a stressful couple weeks, but now i think about it, it was always down to other people. Our bond of fairytale has and is always strong. We both want to do well. I’m securing our financial future. (You all need to buy my book because i’m over spending and gonna need your book love oney in order to buy lip gloss. 🙂 ) And well we’re both under a great deal of work pressure. His life has completely changed and to be honest i think he’s adjutsing to it perfectly. What we have is ‘more than love’ and as a couple we are unbeatable.

Okay, so this week i should get my ‘proof’ copy of my book. I want it to do well and i want it to be of great quality. I want it to be adored and read all over the world by the masses, so that everyone can have a quirky bit of Wunna with them on their travels. I don’t know why ‘having my life’ put out there in book form puts me under pressure, because i do it every day? Yet it does. Maybe because i feel that now i will be under scrutiny and well i’ve completed run out of rum. Rum and scrutiny go well together. I quite like a bit of bronzer and party popper streamers with it too. Your call.

Whoever called me the other night at 4am needed to not be ‘unknown.’ I hate ‘unknown’ calls and mainly because i don’t know who it is. It’s like a horrific mind game and messes up my hair-toss for a moment.

I’m glad the drama is over, because by hubby-to-be and I have chosen to ‘dump it-curbside’ and once again i am feeling appropriately adored. I’m loving all your Tweets and feeling a little more wanted again. Really excited about the book. I haven’t seen it yet, but will tell you what i can,when i can. I’m looking for a place to throw my book launch party. Not for the signings, but for the celebration of the ‘Wunna’ book. I’m thinking one in Leeds, one in London and well the first copies of my book will be there for you all to buy, before i take it on tour and it goes into the stores.

We’re in More Magazine tomorrow. Make sure you buy yours!


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