Glamour Pussing

I actually look quite decent for a girl who’s about to wake up in the morning with her head slopped in a pool of her own ‘smelt like carrots’ vomit. I’m out all day my chickadees, spending quality time with those who are ‘quality’ to me…(so yeah myself.) Anyway, last night ended up being wonderful. ..full of boys confessing feelings. I’ll tell you more about it later. I’ve otped for ‘hip/hop Barbie attire this fine Sunday morning. I look so ‘Jenny from the block’ but in baby pink, lemon and polka dots. Delicious! I love you my darlings!

7 thoughts on “Glamour Pussing”

  1. Pleaaaassseeee consider making a video log or something!! Would love to see some ‘moving’ Chrissie!! And perhaps talk to us about your style! I adore hiphop style i.e mini skirts, fur and BLING!

    You ruleeeeeee. Asian Pride !!


  2. Hi Lovers!! I know right!! Everyone keeps saying i should do a video blog, and i’m really starting to consider it…well doing little bits of it anyhow.

    Yeah i’m sometimes quite glamour puss, a little bit stripper, but i’m also a bit hip hop and a wee bit harijuku (spelt that wrong) girl.

    I love you!!

  3. haha…i’ve actually been to see a quite a lot of future parent in laws and they all HATE me, no matter what package i come in. I hate them too. I have parents…i don’t need anymore.


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