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Now we all adore a cupcake. Even those of us who tend to a wee bit of dieting, every now and again adore a cupcake. Not only do they make the perfect comfort snack, the most delightful dessert, or treat, but they also make the perfect gift!

I have scoured each and every stand, stall, bakery and online route of yummiess to find you this very special brand of desserty, cupcakey royalty.

So, let me introduce you to ‘SprinkledMagic’


Lets learn a wee bit more about these magical treats of ‘ooh laa.’

‘SprinkledMagic is a bespoke cupcakes company based in Chiswick West London. SprinkledMagic, founded by Sarah Campus and has now been successfully trading for over two years. Sarah turns clients’ adventurous ideas and designs into cupcakes. She only uses top quality ingredients, all individually hand decorated and ‘sprinkled with magic’! Sarah says “I relish the opportunity of turning an inspiration into an edible treat which can make the client’s occasion even more special.”

Sarah’s idea was sparked because she have always had a real passion for cooking and baking which was greatly influenced by her mother. From this she decided that she could make something of it and really share her excitement for baking, in particular the variety of cupcakes and cakes.

All the creations are home-made and individually decorated using top quality ingredients – also offer free from cupcakes!

Cupcakes and cakes can be custom made using various sugar paste decorations, sweets, chocolates and icing. 

SprinkledMagic caters for all occasions, birthdays, christenings,Valentine’s, bat-mitzvahs, weddings and also fulfils corporate orders!’

Love it? I do! And they are for sure my cupcake pick. Not only are they the most perfectly creative cupcakes that I have ever seen, but they taste EVEN BETTER than they look and that’s not as easy to find as you think.

So, if you wish to give this special gift of cupcakes to a loved one this Christmas, OR you fancy a gift of cupcakes for your own lovely self…(the beautiful cupcake roses is the cupcake you will be receiving! They are my favourite and well Sarah has very kindly taken the time to fit in a blog reader, gift order for one! Aww! 🙂 Very happy! Very lucky! She has been one busy lady. When I called her she was having to make 3000 corporate ‘social media’ styled cupcakes for a business team! The best buns I can do are the instant ‘ready made’ packs for children.)

Right due to time, freshness and in the name of yumminess, this gift is ONLY FOR LONDON BASED DARLINGS! So if you know a being in London who you would like to gift with cupcakes OR you are based in London yourself then these bespoke cupcakes can be yours!

Go visit the website

Follow her them on Twitter @SprinkledMagic

Or even make your very own order by emailing:

(Simply because I can only offer this to those daaan Saff 😉 )

To WIN these cupcakes..(makes a good Xmas gift for your Mama kids!)

All you have to do is tell me what you think my favourite flower is?

All answers to me asap, via ANY ONLINE CHANNEL.

Go, GO! Glamour Pusses…GO!!!!


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