GIVEAWAY GIFT!! Designer Shoes Worth £199!!


Hi ALL!!

Oh my GOSH, I feel like the gliztiest, most glamourous, yet busiest bee ON THE BLOCK! *Wiggle here* Sista! Sista!

I am the best gig in town, I’m covering the Clothes Show, I am loving EVERY SINGLE WAKING MINUTE OF IT and well  I’ve proved to myself that when your truly are passionate about something you will never half arse it. Be it in love, with boys, in glamour, work, or dreams come true.

Not only  have I been covering the event, yet I have also been waking up at 5am each and every morning, grooming, tanning, eyelining and hair doing in the maddest of rushes (and glamour pusses never enjoy to rush)..i’ve been seeing to my two delicious pieces of baby-baby, one that is named after my very favourite precious gem and the other in the honour of a ‘Mini me,’ and then I have hopped into a car. looking like I’m off to The Grammy’s at 5.30am, driven to the  next town to hop onto a train, followed by a second train to get to the Birmingham NEC by 9am.

I then take part in the most glamourously fulfilling day ever..and then LITERALLY, once my badge is snapped off, I RACE ALL THE WAY back to the station, jump of train one, to jump on train two and arrive for my drive that will return me in one piece to the village in which I live in around 10pm. I usually leave the NEC at around 5pm.  (Ruby isn’t stupid, she’s waited up every night firstly in case I have gifts fit for a kitten and well also because she now has abandonment issues. She thinks everyone she loves ‘goes to work’ and leaves her forever.)

I then slip off my heels, have a large glass of vino, I thank my Mother for looking after the children and then spend quality time with them like all little kiddies at Xmas deserve.

I then eat and well I pre-prep for the day ahead, get the children to bed, organize their things for their nursery run the next morning, organzise MY THINGS for The Clothes Show the next day and then after resetting my alarm for 5am, I rest…and with Junior in my bed next to me because he’s been ill, meaning he’s up most of the night coughing.

5 am, it all starts again and weirdly even though i’m knackered…I LOVE IT and because i’m finally committing to all the things I adore. I’M WONDERFUL AGAIN! HURRAH! I literally feel so lucky to have the best gig in town at the same time as a truly delicious family and YES everyone else doing the Clothes Show has stayed over in Birmingham hotels for the entire week. (The easiest way to do it really.) However, because i’ve wanted to make sure I see the children every night and tuck them into bed, i’ve made the journey back to Yorkshire every single evening…and back again. And let me tell you, I’m as happy as can be! Both ends of my journey are completely and utterly worth it!

(Today hoever I haven’t been able to make it down to The Clothes show, simply due to sily Doctors appointments. Devastatingly unglamorous. I mean sitting in that waiting room, a couple hours ago, looking at old people in Pontefract, by fake foliage and dark green chairs, in a limbo like state of ‘beige’ was a million miles away from my evening before. Lol. Anyway, good job I went. Remember I had that scan because of that lump I have growing out my neck. Well it’s spreading and not too bad, but not all good. I have to have it removed as soon as possible to make sure life stays safe. (It’s not cancerous or anything, just dangerous.) Today because I made the trip…in two weeks…i’ll be going in to see the surgeon, who will examine it and schedule me in for the slice-slice-remove. Then I won’t have a neck like Frank Bruno and be able to probably and BREATHE! Hurrah! Diamantes for everyone!

OKAY! THE GIVEWAY! I completely underestimated how much time and how much work I would go into The Clothes Show, meaning I haven’t have much time to throw you a freebie and play Kitty Claus. That’s my fault for being far too busy. BUT i will tell you that i’m all about promise keeping this month and for the year ahead and in the name of glamour and giving at Xmas MUST MAKE THIS UP TO YOU.

I have LOTS OF GREAT GIFTS TO GIVE YOU…and I will be making sure I do that FROM NOW ON…and in the MADDEST OF FASHIONS!!

There is literally amazing stuff at The Clothes Show live this years but i’m going to tell you all about that in the next blog…

The 12 days of Xmas is now extended and I will be giving gifts away constantly until all the gifts have been gifted to a very lucky ‘kitten ‘of a reader. If it takes til March….:) …so be it!

So here we go!

Next gift! (What number are we on? 7? or 8?)


Okay, this next bit of glory that I’m wanting to give to you, my glittering darlings of joy, is from a show line that I MYSELF FIND FABULOUS! Hand made, delicious and very very glamourous. Fit for EVERY KITTEN POSSIBLE. It doesn’t matter if you are edgy, glammy, conservative, elegant, eclectic, fun or plain…in fact even if your ALL OF THESES THINGS, this line suits each chica. It’s a marvellous WUNNA FIND and well the yes ladies, today for Xmas I’m giving away a delicious PAIR OF HEELS MUCH!!!

And the line that I have chosen is by one of my favourite finds ‘NOOSHOOZ’ by BERNIE HURST!

Take a looky,

Each show is hand made and divine and a must have for all those waving a title of ‘Kitten.’ Plain/glittery they have it all and well Bernie herself who has designed each and every one of these beauties, has AGREED to GIVEAWAY ONE PAIR OF HER DESIGNER HEELS TO ONE LUCKY CHRISSIEWUNNA.COM BLOG READER!

That one lucky reader will be able to pick a shoe, any show from her ZENOBIA COLLECTION and she will very gladly and also very kindly CUSTOM MAKE YOU your very OWN PAIR of Bernie Hurst heels! Now that is ‘Celebrity service.’

These shoes have the ‘WOW’ FACTOR and well sit your pretty selves down…they RETAIL AT AROUND £199! Heeelllllooo! (You can thank me later.)

I’m a MASSIVE FAN of the brand and the fact that you can have a pair custom made to fit your colour specifications and style or moods even is AMAZING. It’s sort of like having a designer shoe, yet with your own twist of glamour. You could collect your OWN RANGE of ‘ooh laa.


Who wants these?

If you do…

All you have to do is know this Chrissie Wunna fact…


I have a very glitzy two year old and I named her after my favourite precious gem…

What is her name?  (The answer is all over my blog and on my ‘About me’ page.)

Get that answer to me AS SOON AS YOU CAN and one lucky tinker tanker will be receiving a very special pair of deliciously designer shoes!!

(I haven’t yet pulled the winner for the giant Next sequin Union Jack clutch, but I will today, so keep your eyes peeled. If you want to win that you still have time, just guess which Yorkshire town I was born in!!)

Get your answer to me anyway you can… tweet it, email it, blow kiss over a bar, just get it to me.. @chrissiewunna

OH and like i said early, keep you eyes peeled as this will not be the only thing I’m giving away today! BUT it’s now a game where only the quickest survive. 🙂

Get your glammy game ON dolls!


Good luck!


Share this post and get a BarryM nail polish!! 🙂



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