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Jeepers! What a day! Mummy hood has been madness! Today was..well is the final weekday before the ‘winkles’ go back to nursery and well my darling ‘glitz; of a daughter has done everything she can and simply for attention. Like I said, it’s hard when there’s just me, for both kiddies to feel appropriately adored. It’s certainly making Rubes as naughty as she can be. Today she has tried to kick Junior in the HEAD, slap him, pull around my the scruff of his hair, scream at him and try to sit on him. All for a bit of ‘look at me’ and well she doesn’t get that he’s not as self sufficient as she is just yet. That..and work equals MAYHEM and i’m having to work really hard! Therefore is there was a picture that could or would depict the day…it would be this..


I’m handling it though. Just! πŸ™‚ (Even though I do have glitter glue smeared into my hair.)

Okay, so I told you that I was going to be giving away luxury lashes today. The mink kind that are worn by all celebrities and well the kind that can really run up a credit card bill. πŸ™‚

The next pair of Luxury Mink Fur lashes that i’m going to be giving away is by a good friend of mine, who I first met when I entered the BBF house. Yep! She worked on the show with me as part of the cast and one of the contestants on the show and she cracked me up with her ‘hoo-haa,’ ability to have a good time, yet great Ola moments! I love her and well this chick works HARD! I remember her falling down a lot, saying all the right things, but at all the wrong times, being super genuine, hilarious and just Ola. πŸ™‚ I certainly remember her ‘pussyfooting’ around dance and her Talent show entry, HILARIOUS! I felt bad when she left the show because she left under unfair circumstances. Sort of by default, because Kat had chosen her to leave, after she had a bad Ola week.

Away from all that, we’ve both worked on a lot of the same shows…we did Miss.Naked Beauty together, we actually filmed ‘My Man Can’ also, as contestants and she has also appeared on The Bachelor. The one where Spencer Matthews was the chunka hunka. So yeah, she’s been on dates with Chelsea bad boy.

Okay, so right now she has a glorious hair extension line that is BOOMING and in support of my good friend, I’m here today to let one of my lucky blog readers WIN a pair of luxury mink fur lashes, from HER OWN LINE. The company she owns is called ‘MAGIC MIRROR’ and well here they are..

They last up to 25 wears! They are made with REAL SIBERIAN MINK FUR. However, incase some of you are wondering the fur is hand combed causing NO ANIMAL CRUELTY, whilst ensuring the quality of each lash. They are also lightweight, and the number one choice of many A Listers!

Her tag line:

‘Open your eyes to gorgeous lashes.’



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