It’s officially CHRISTMAS and we here in Wunna land couldn’t be ANYMORE EXCITED! I am brimming over with a spirit of ‘ooh laa’ and very very excited to bring in December with a very traditional *wiggle* and a very merry *wink!*

As you know..this year I’m going to be covering the….


and delivering my very fashionable news to YOU via this ever so fabulous blog, right from the event itself!

Now, to CELEBRATE such DIVINITY which I assure you is dipped in a luxurious kitten-like snuggle, I have decided to be supremely jolly and ‘Make like Santa,’ myself.


No…I’m not going to grow a beard an make you sit on my lap. I’m far glitzier than that. Instead, I’m going to be rolling out a very merry ‘Yeah I’m at The Clothes Show this year and it’s ACE’ Christmas GIVEAWAY BONANZA.

So for the next 12 DAYS of Christmas and to get you in the mood. Miss.Chrissie.Wunna (That’s me…obviously) will be picking you out some very special gifts, for the next 12 days, EVERY DAY and well…just like good old Saint Nic himself I’ll be mailing them to one lucky blog reader (in the name of fashion & beauty of course and to hail the glory that is The Clothes Show Live 2013.)

Sound good?

Okay! So since i’m not at The Clothes Show until Dec 6th, (where I will be purchasing the gifts for the giveaway right before your very eyes and plonking them up on this blog)..I’ve decided to start with a Christmasy gift giving WARM UP. (It’s like the lunging before the big dance routine. The air punching before the big fight, the wiggle before a cocktail and the pout before the obviously apply.)

I’m super excited and I hope you are tooo!



..OF MY GIANT GIVEAWAY BONANZA to Celebrate 25 years of The Clothes Show live!

Who loves…




We certainly all need it 🙂 and  after today you will all rejoice in such a brand.

Celebrated, rocked and in the handbag closets of almost EVERY fashionable ‘celebratent’ that you may encounter…including Jessica Alba, The Saturdays, The Kardashians, Eva Longoria…the list is endless and also retailing at your nearest House of Fraser, Debenhams or Selfridges….which as you know are very popular stores here in the UK, for those who adore a little bit of affordable luxury.

The brand made the list of ‘Must have bags under £100’ with  Instyle Magazine and well the reason why we adore them, other than the fact that they are the height of fresh, young, preppy yet modern fashion… is simply because the good people down at Therapy love you too and they have shown their love by giving us here at these delightful pieces of joy to add to your collection of ‘ooh laa…’

I first of all have this adorable yellow/tartan clutch by Therapy to give to one lucky blog reader TODAY… (You know how much I adore a clutch and well yellow is my favourite colour.) It’s a fun bit of ‘yummy’ that every fashionista should rock to a lunch.  I actually have one of these myself and well now you can have one tooooooo! #hurrah

It retails at around £40, however in the name of Fashion & Beauty and because I love you dearly, it could be yours FOR FREE!!



We’re quite generous here at and well it is Christmas after all. So we’ve also thrown in this FABULOUS baby pink frame coin purse which also by the darling Therapy brand and is a definite MUST HAVE for any kitten/glamour puss with a wink that can only be candy coated! I adore a coin purse simply because it brings a fresh new kiss to an old tradition and well this baby retail at around £20.



Nice little giveaway warm up! Also make great GIFTS this Christmas, if you have a friend or family member who adores a bit of ‘yummy.’



You like?

Well they can both be yours TODAY!

All you have to do is know your random Chrissie Wunna facts.

So to win today’s giveaway gift from ME to YOU with a whole lot of Glamourous Christmasy love…you have to answer this question:

Question: I was a cast member on the show ‘Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend!’ itv2 2009.  One of the tasks was a ‘Talent Show’ judged by Paris herself and Scott Mills…and yeah I won it. 🙂 🙂 🙂 

What was my talent? 

It doesn’t matter how vague your answer is as long as it’s on the right lines and well all you have to do is get this answer to me before tomorrow 12 noon!

You can Tweet it to me @chrissiewunna  #chrissiewunna

You can Facebook it to me ‘Chrissie Wunna’ or ‘Chrissie Thompson.’

You can Instagram a picture of the answer to me @chrissiewunna

OR just email me :  Subject: Giveaway Day 1.

You could also just leave a comment with the answer right here!!

Make SURE you leave me  YOUR FULL NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS or a way you can be contacted!!!




The winner with the right answer will be picked at random probably by someone I know or a lovely celeb at The Clothes Show Live, during my time there!

…and well GOOD LUCK! I’m happy to be making your Christmas a bit more sparkly. We all love FREE STUFF! Lol


I’m  good a sport and I hate not winning, so i’ve decided to give THREE LUCKY RUNNERS UP…


..a BarryM Sequin Nail Set! (Oooooh!)


I’m all about GIVING this year and I hope you are toooooooooo! So it all doesn’t stop there!

Today is..

SO anyone that sends me a picture of them wearing their red ribbon of support will get a free box of 🙂


Aren’t I lovely! 🙂 Thank you JLS! (I guess they’re ‘Limited Edition’ now that they are no longer a’ banding!’ I was gonna say ‘split up’ but i thought that would be inappropriate due to my choice of gift! YIPPPEEE! 🙂 )











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