Give me ‘blessings’ now much.


‘The secret to having it all…is knowing you already do.’

A little bit of wisdom for you there, on this fine yet rather rainy Monday morning. Everyone hates Mondays, so i’ll not go on about it in that lovely cliched ‘shit it’s Monday’ fashion. It’s just the beginning of the week and well my Monday is going awesomely. #inyourface. Monday’s are shite if you’re doing something you hate to do, or really don’t want to tend to, be it a job, a time, a person. If it’s a person, do my Hollywood quilt roll and wheel then out of bed and onto the curbside, with a passing bacon sarnie. What am I saying…no-one does bacon sarnies in LA? Either throw pills at them or their now empty wallet. ๐Ÿ™‚

Today’s going to be good because I’ve already split egg down my top, done a nursery run, committed to a bad hair day, wished for riches, stressed about my interview this afternoon and found out that YES my hubby has booked the Morrisons campaign, which means you’ll all be able to go buy your veg from your local store and see his pretty boy face sprawled across the display units, probably as part of a very happy, Caucasian family, instead of his random, Burmese terror of a family. ย (Real life is always different to the picture. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) He’s had to lay off the modelling a lot due to work, work, work and needing to rake in the bread and butter with his company. As have I, with me birthing baby, after baby and now having to lose my chubba-wubba before even THINKING that Playboy has be on speed dial. ๐Ÿ™‚ ย So, now it’s good to finally see him get back into his ‘Zoolander.’ The reason isn’t really for the ‘ooh look at me, ‘ but more for the single fact that in entertainment and the modelling world, you get paid LOADS simply for entertaining or striking a pose. #chaching #twokids #empire. It makes a big difference to ‘day job’ money. I’m happy for him, i’m really excited, even though I had to convince him to do it. I fancy myself as a Kris Jenner…all ‘lets get this family working.’ Plus, I can live through him whilst I find my waistline for while. So yeah, three cheers to ‘Daddy’ and his pretty boy, commercial looking, Morrisons… face.

We’ve had a giant family weekend, filled with trips to the park, which ended in tears, as Ruby got covered in pretty nettle stings. There were nettles in the kiddie rockery section of the play area. Only in Ponty can that happen. ๐Ÿ™‚ She then wanted an ice cream and when that wasn’t happening (because ice-cream apparently makes nettle stings better and not Sudocrem) she tantrumed a little, smiled and then we ventured back home. I’ve just noticed that a lot of grooming actually went down before the park trip. Showers, hair gels, spiking, back combing, rollers, shorts, updos, vests and tight pink dresses were adorned for the occasion. You can mist that whole part of our life in hairspray and let me tell you Keiran is WORSE than I! But yes, it was a fun family weekend of park trips, play time, giggles, life, lunches and shopping. Then I managed to get grumpy yesterday before we left to go see Keiran’s mum with Junior. (Ruby was at Pete’s.) I wanted Keiran to drive and he wouldn’t. He then uttered something annoying under his breath without thinking, which I found rude to say I had been looking after him and the kiddiwinkles all morning. I made EGGS for crying out loud. I was Asian slave, Mama Wunna yesterday morning!!!

So, once I heard it, I turned around, unlocked the door, walked back upstairs, gave him the baby things, told him I wasn’t going and got re-changed back into my casuals. Done! Dusted! No messing! (I’m a bitch like that!) ย I’m quite sensitive these days and well i’ve always hated bad manners. He didn’t mean it and apologized straight away, but in my book, you have to train people to treat correctly, especially boys you date, let alone boys you marry. If you’re rude to me, EVEN IF you’ve been so utterly lovely to be for the last week, you don’t get what you want. AND ‘sorry’ doesn’t cut it, because I feel that when someone says sorry immediately, they never mean it, they simply want you to abide by their rules. It’s like when someone first tells you they love you…they don’t mean it yet. True love is developed over time.

Bottom line… I don’t think girls should be driving boys around. It’s there job to do the driving. Often men want everything. They want you to cook for them, pander to their every whim, clean for them, make money at the same time, look after the children and also then do their ‘man’ jobs like driving. Give them an inch, they get too comfy and take 20. When men want you to do everything for them, it means they’re feminine, because real men have a natural instinct to hunt, gather and care for the object of their desire, which is usually a hot chick and family. It’s not and never will be the other way around. I mean, God how lazy are boys these days.

He didn’t mean it. We got over it. Now we’re back to good. I was even so moody i couldn’t rest my head at night and found myself sipping a beer (which I NEVER DO) and munching on a handful of bombay mix. #trucker #gross I’m not an ale drinker, so it got wasted and well i just went to bed. Drinking alone is odd. I can’t really do drinking much these days simply because i can’t handle it. I seriously had three glasses of GOOD red wine the other night and puked. That’s how horrendous I felt. When you have bubbly, chipper babies…it just can’t happen, if you can’ t handle it. I’m officially a ‘has been.’ ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh..and I LIKE IT. I’m like a proper grown up now. I adore the kids, they’re delicious. Junior is the happiest baby in all the land and Ruby is just the miniest diva ever. I love her. Be she good, or be she bad. She’s ace. I’m weirdly quite good at this ‘Mummy’ malarkey, in a comical kinda way ofcourse. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, but I have a 2 year old ย to keep me in check and a baby Junior who is actually going to be a Mummy’s boy. YES! FINALLY. I get to be favourite parent. Junior loves his Mama, but it’s probably because I have boobs. Either way, it puts a smile on my face. I can feel it already and see ‘Mama’s boy’ in him. He’s MINE, MINE, MINE! *Victory air punch here*

All is good and Keiran’s being a dream again. I have an interview later and I think I have an Ann Summers luncheon next week. The Kids have a modelling thingy next week also and I have something else, which I can’t quite remember? Oh! That thyroid scan.

I’ve been a bit nervous because i’m needing to make my dreams come true pretty fast, or make moola and lots of it pronto. I need to do it pronto, not because i’m in a rush, or have a deadline, or going to be begging for scraps anytime soon, but simply because my ego can’t take it anymore. I loong for freedom and to stay home, having made millions, enjoying life with the family, being a mummy, a wife and with some company or money making trick that is running amazingly well, without me having to do much. When I want, I want and they wait it simply too tedious, if i don’t know a definite outcome.

The trick is to be happy, stay positive and simply enjoy what you have. THEN you get ‘blessed’ and all that R & B stuff. I’m lucky and forget not to worry. Once you find that true happiness, everything comes your way. Like Keiran’s a man with a very powerful mind, when he’s content, all this random luck comes to him. I enjoy Keiran because he truly does want to be my Hero and he is. He cares a great deal about his little family well that is a quality that I never have to worry about with him. He can at times be his own worst enemy, we both can…so we have to watch ourselves and hand hold through it with faith, smiles…and wine, because we take it out on each other.

However, like I said, it’s all Cloud 9, because it’s nearly wedding anniversary time. Yippeee! I’m excited for the surprise now and doing my 7 day countdown. Well we’re actually beginning the surprise in 6 days! #can’twait

I still haven’t written my ‘inbox’ blog for you. I keep forgetting to do so and well I guess it’s because boners don’t bother me anymore? I will tell you that I find it super dooper odd when couples SHARE a Facebook profile. I don’t know whether they do it because they wish to show that they are ONE, or maybe one of the two isn’t so social media savvy, OR (and the usual case) they’re majorly insecure and have couple issues.It’s weird, it’s odd, I don’t like it, so don’t do it. I don’t think you actually have to share everything as a couple. I enjoy a little privacy at times. The weird thing is that i’m actually super private, yet I write a daily blog about my entire life. I don’t get it either. But my blog and being a mum are the only things, that i’ve ever managed to stick at,with a smile.

Anyway, i’m gonna slurp coffee and curl my hair now. I need to prep for this afternoon meeting. It’s quite scary for me and well…let’s just hope I nail it. Knowing my luck, I’ll…(UGH…see, i feel like I can never write anything how I want to these days, for the sake of attempting to be appropriate and PC. I’m not an appropriate person…I’m much funnier than all this ‘sweet stuff’ in real life. ๐Ÿ™‚ HOnest!)

Here’s piccies of our weekend.


I’m orange. Rubes is dramatic.

What Junior sees each morning. Poor thing.



I had eggs in my handbag. Not because I ‘egg’ ethnic minorities. but because i’m ‘Yorkshire.’


Park life…before nettle stings, crying, baby tantrum, giant rain cloud and the having to go home swiftly.






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