Girls are from ‘Penis.’


If you’re going to be guy…don’t be fricking useless. Be anything but useless. he helpful, determined, the protector, the lover, the fighter, the provider, the whatever you as guys should be….be everything…but don’t be USELESS.

Four girls. Four different walks of life. All four girls, great girls. Each one of them spent their evening moaning about their men, who were still being boyish or not really fulfilling a ‘male’ role or ANY role in my eyes? Lol. Relationships are two way things and it’s important be investing into it fifty/fifty, emotionally, financially, physically and mentally. If you can’t…then be a great man. Look after her, nurture, her, spoil her, rub her tired fucking feet! Lol. Romantically sweep her off her little kitten feet that she couldn’t even ever think life would be better with another.

I think chicks have gotten so independent now that it’s sort of made some guys become lazier. THEYwant the fairytale…but they want to be fucking ‘Cinders.’ HAHAHA. You’re the guy, you’re the one that’s mean to chase around the fricking kingdom, with her Goddamn shoe, trying to find her! The leg work.

It’s back fired on us. I understand more than anyone that it’s a modern day world. I mean the majority of relationships that i’ve been in i’ve had to be the provider. And i’ve done so willingly, as it’s my niche. I’m good at it. And enjoy having my own financial freedom. I’ve dated great guys, who could do everything, useless guys, who can’t do anything. Rich guys. Poor guys. All guys. Yet, at the same time, i’m quite the traditionalist and i’ve very very aware of how things should be in my heart…a girls role and a guys role. (The fairytale version.) I know what I want…and i have no trouble expressing it to men….constantly. 🙂

It was just said to hear four great girls, who all work hard and do well, have such rubbishy time when it came to the being ‘spoiled’ the way they wished they could be, or even worse the way they believed they deserved to be… I didn’t like it.

So guys, whether it’s buy her diamonds, wash the dishes, change a pooey nappy, surprise her with that Range Rover, buy her a massage, tell her how you feel, cook tea, marry her, whatever it is that makes her happy. Do it.

If she’s a shit..then don’t. You’re call. Be smart. Lol.


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