Gift Number 7! It’s my ‘little bit’ day of GIVEAWAY! #WIN

Morning all! It’s DAY 6 of my GIANT GIVEAWAY BONANZA! I’m adoring being for very lovely…

…this Christmas and well whilst you’re reading this I will be on route to the Birmingham NEC to deliver all the best bits of utterly glamourous news from the…


I’m ever so excited and well I can’t wait to zoom around each and every station picking out the best it’s of ‘ooh laa’ for all of you to enjoy!

Well done to yesterday’s gift winners! Kim Axford won the pink tote and fragrances and Samantha Goodhead won the 25% off a luxury forest getaway! REMEMBER THAT YOU ALL GET 10% OFF A LUXURY FOREST HOLIDAY AT for simply being a fan of this blog. All you have to do is type in PROMO CODE: CHRISSIEWUNNA13 when booking and *BAM* just like that..10% of your cabin price will be deducted from your booking! Yippee!

Anyway, whilst i’m travelling I figured that  I would throw you what I call a ‘little bit.’

We’ve enjoyed the first ‘GOODIE BAG’ day and let me tell you the £100 Monsoon goodie bag is in EXTREME DEMAND. My inbox and online feeds are full of glamourous darlings ALL WANTING to snatch that bit of luxury up! The winner will be announced tomorrow and well may the best kitten WIN! Good luck everyone! However, don’t fret…because if you don’ twin that GOODIE BAG, know that I have 3 more ‘Goodie bag’ days of Wunna gifting instore for you over the coming days! 🙂

So yes, right now because i’m travelling or if you’re not an early bird…I’m already AT THE CLOTHES SHOW LIVE as we speak…I’ve decided to make today’s day of gifting the ‘Little bit.’

Let’s rejoice 🙂 and get started…

Here’s gift 7,





Now, i’m a massive fan of this classy, yet cool store. Their quality is impeccable and well it’s a household name that we’ve all grown to know and love. It’s a store that caters to EVERYONE and well HAVE TO ADORE THEM simply because the good people down at Next have shimmied over a delicious little treat for one lucky blog reader to enjoy for Christmas! Yep..i have it ready and waiting in Wunna Land and well I can’t wait to introduce you to the ‘little bit’ which is the theme of today’s GIVEAWAY.

How yummy is THIS piece of luxury…


It is the OVERSIZED, SEQUINNED, UNION JACK CLUTCH by NEXT! A truly traditonal, glitzy bit of BRITISH fashion, that EVERY GLAMOUR PUSS with a love for all things BRITISH should own.

This glitzy baby retails at a glorious £30!

It could be YOURS TODAY…not just for Christmas, but also FOR FREE!

A gift from ME TO YOU!

It;s a ‘little bit’ of glamour that will spruce up your night with a shimmie. For the ladies who know how to dress something up, dress something down and OWN their title of ‘FUN.’

Who wants it?

To win this deligtful clutch from Next…all you have to do is answer this Chrissie Wunna question…

Question: I am born and bred in Britain…a Yorkshire girl to be precise. However which town in Yorkshire was I BORN IN?

If you really have no clue…the answer is in my ‘About Me’ section! I always refer to it as ‘the town that birthed me.’ 

Good luck with this one!

Hope you enjoy your ‘Little bit.’ Oh and just so you know, I do have a NEXT GOODIE BAG coming up over the coming days! So keep your eye out. It again is worth £100!! #jeepers Being glammy on ME…ROCKS!

Answers to me via any online channel…Tweet, Instagram,….get it to me!


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