Gift 12! Designer Clutch! Win!


Hey Peoples! I’m gift giving!

Lets slip into out glammy fur boots and get this show on the road Sistas! *Beckons you in-Blows you a kiss* #flirt

Next gift!

Number 12!


Oops! Just kidding. 😉 #selfiemuch

Next Gift!

So, you’re really super lucky to be introduced to my next sexy brand. A brand of elegance, class and glamourous fun. A brand that I personally love and have managed to discover myself and well it has dazzled my world  with a shimmie of ‘old school’ glitz and a ‘shindig’ of glamour. I’ve decided to *wink* it at here goes…

Lets say ‘HELLO’ to..


Yes! LUNA AMANI is what I would call an exciting new ladies designer accessories label. It combines an eastern aesthetic (which I adore) with a twist of modern design and aims to fill that sparkly gap in the accessories market. (We love sparkles AND the art of putting them in gaps!)

The label is of course inspired by current trends, yet is NOT a slave to them, offering “must have” items that are timeless in style. They feature beautiful leathers, bold prints and dramatic hues . They form the staple basis of style behind each LUNA AMANI design.

The featured elements attract women’s love of fabric and the beauty of colour and combine modern sophisticated bold designs that have a unique edge. Each handbag has been beautifully hand finished and is of exceptional quality at affordable prices.

It is literally a BRAND NEW label and YOU could be one of the first kittens to rock a piece of such yummiess! It is going to be HUGE and again designer, affordable luxury and hand made.

This is the piece that YOU could ‘Win With Wunna.’ 🙂


In Love MUCH!

This is the most delicious piece of ‘ooh laa’ ever. It’s very ‘Chrissie Wunna’ and totally worth a flirt. Pricey? Maybe? All things designer are a bit more ‘cha-chingy…HOWEVER, because I adore you, of course I will gift this gorgeous designer clutch of magic to you FOR FREE!


SO, if you fancy your chances at winning this beautiful work of art…then all you have to so is this…

What one thing, do YOU think you would always find in my hand bag?

The best answer WINS!




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