Getting through Wednesday


I’m definitely losing my touch. I’m dressing to be warm, instead of dressing to be sexy. That means i’m old and sensible (ish) now, which on the whole should be celebrated, yet there’s still a part of me, that believes I should be in a belly top in this weather for ‘look at me’s.’

I hate the cold.

D’ya know what else I hate! Lol (Here we go.) I hate it when i run out of petrol, when i knew that i was going to run out of petrol, at a busy intersection, during a school run time. That’s not fun. Lol. I got help pretty much immediately, thanks to my wonderful Mother and her ability to put up with my foolishness. But y’know those times, the afternoon before, where in which you’re spending your time rushing about in your car, having to cart everyone everywhere, because you have children, deadlines, errands, or people who don’t drive around you and during that rush, you realize that you’re going to need more fuel, yet because you end up forgetting about yourself and your own needs during that moment…you don’t commit to it.

There you have it. That’s what happened. Thought i could make it. Lol. Didn’t. 🙂 AND it was worse because I had help arranged and en route to me, yet I still had to sit at this junction for about 20 minutes, on my own, dawdling, whilst I gratefully waited. The sitting around part if awful because you feel glared at, even when you’re not being glared at. Lol. I kept trying to hide and not make eye contact, unless I knew them…then i’d wave, like I was Miss.World. Lol. I AM A TOOL.

Infact, LOTS of women and a hot ‘silver fox’ guy in a Maserati, stopped to asked if i needed help. Another guy, in a Fiat swore at me. Lol. I like guys in Maserati’s better. 🙂 I mean, the ‘silver fox’ looked like he was busy, but still found the time to be helpful. The grumpy Fiat guy, looked like he had nothing to do all day, but pull faces. He actually didn’t see that I had my hazard lights on and thought that I had just pulled up at the top of a busy junction to text!! HAHAHA. Very ‘Wunna esque.’

Victoria saw me and simply thought I was having a ‘selfie’ moment, which i LOVED!!! Haha. She knows me too well. But no, it was far worse…i had to wait for petrol to come galloping my way because I had decided to be irresponsible. AND, I then thought because I was bored, but listening to LMFAO ‘Sexy and I know it’ …say in situations like that in the future…and if my Mum wasn’t around…..who would i get to help me? Ben doesn’t drive and he certainly wouldn’t be able to walk all the way down to the nearest petrol station to get me petrol and come to my aid. So who would help me? That’s why Mama’s are BRILLIANT. Treasure them. She didn’t even tell me off. She just helped…out of love. 🙂 I have a good one. And the kindest thing is, that she was having car issues also and needed to get to work. But being Mum, she put my shitty car issue, before her car issue to save me. Lol. So, in return, once I got going, I put more petrol in my car 🙂 and gave her my car to use for two days, until her’s get’s better.

I nearly bought myself new shoes to make myself feel better, after such a time. But i  didn’t because it was too cold and i couldn’t be arsed. Lol. I think, once I was back up and running, i just wanted to drive EVERYWHERE.

So yes, today i’m stuck at home…and i don’t mind. Today, i’m grateful for mum’s, help and being able to drive. Tomorrow will be a new day. But we’ll get through Wednesday first. 🙂


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