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A mad, techy morning of dramedy! JESUS!

Now, if things don’t work the way they’re supposed to, i usually don’t care too much, as my inner ‘laid backidness’ is able to shrug it off with a ‘yeah baby’ and a smile. However, (and this is probably the same for everyone) when it comes to business, something you care about, or even someone you care about…and a spanner decides to present itself, fast flinging into ‘your works’…it kinda narks you off, doesn’t it? I AM OFFICIALLY NARKED OFF and today’s little bit of narkiness is TECHNOLOGY.

Firstly, my ipad that i placed on charge all night…didn’t bother to charge. (Yes, i checked that I had the mains on and that all wires were aptly plugged.) It simply decided that it didn’t want to charge, yet tell me that it was. FFS. I finally fixed the problem by purchasing a new ‘none dud’ charger, which has actually worked (hurrah)…as I have an important Skype call with the business gent in America for my beauty line…and because my ipad had to get reset, i had to sign back into every bit of social media that am a part of. Easy Peasy. Apparently, forgot my Skype password…couldn’t get it open…thought i had about 10 minutes until my important call, so i had to set up an entire new account, which i did TWICE by accident…simply so i could partake in my call.

All stressy, (even though i finally got a moment to myself,) I needed coffee (i mean gin) and then just like that i read through my inbox and delightfully find a message which pushed back my morning Skype call to 1pm. YAY! This is a good thing, as i can’t do calls well, when stressed. THE GODS LOVE ME and no matter what, i ALWAYS get pulled out of misery with a wink.

Now, i have a new working account, all systems a go go…the correct people added, time to blog and do more research and a call at 1pm. Yeah baby! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am the luckiest fucker in town. (If you don’t like swearing, just change that word to ‘idiot.’)

The babies are doing fine. Both chilling at nursery as I work. Junior is growing up fast and trying to chat at me. Ruby is my diva. One look…and you’ll turn to ice, if you cross her. Lovely though, just craving to be a happy, WHOLE family. Both attention seekers. Both ace. Both tried to smuggle things into nursery this morning. They’re like baby prison ‘go betweens.’ lol No wonder they’re so popular. I always thought it was because i was fabulous ๐Ÿ˜‰ and that they went all the time. But no…it’s because they nick things from home and smuggle them into nursery for others to treat on.

Last night, i decided to buy faux deer antlers for my living room. Got them this morning and now i don’t like them. I wanted big giant ones and i’ve got little, yet super heavy’ deery ones. They’re smaller than I realized they would be and the heaviest things on earth. Like I am literally terrified to plonk them up, incase they aren’t up firmly enough and one of them falls onto the children and ‘boinks’ them out cold. ๐Ÿ™ I need giant lightweight, fun ones. But all’s not lost, i’m sure i’ll come up with something…shortly.

Everything today is at weird times. I can’t schedule around freely, as i have private work calls and deliveries all intertwined, which is making my ‘lunch with a matey’ much harder to fit in. I have a delivery at 3.30pm…and a call at 1pm…so this is pretty much the only time that I have available. Unless my delivery comes early and then i’m free from 3.30pm onwards, as my mum can shimmie up to do the nursery run.

I’ve got a new logo for my brand and i’m excited about starting it all. I’m starting part time beauty school, to fit around day job, babies, business and well…life and i’m happy. Still eating like a pig on heat…but happy.

I feel like i’m going places now and like i’m actually getting there, It’s sort of always harder for women as when you wish for success and careers, yet you also wish to become ‘Mummy’ and’s really hard on you, as your balloon of ambition is forced to fizzle for a while, as you do pregnancy, birth children, nurture them, love them, take care of house, husband and home, whilst plonking YOUR dreams on hold for a while. Especially if you’re having to do it ON YOUR OWN. It’s second nature to us women, so i’m not complaining, as all mums I know, including myself …ADORE being mums and m children adore me for it.

Yet, ย i’m a kitten filled with ambition and now that the babies are a little more self sufficient, i’m happy that i’m not able to get back on track and rocket forward, for THEIR future, as well as for mine.. I’m in a really great place and i’m doing really really well. Meaning if I get to achieve all of this…then there’s no excuses..YOU can do it too.

I really do need coffee now.

Ciao x



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