Getting it together…and snow


I officially have a ‘builders bum,’ that peeks out of my pink frillies. When that happens, you’re definitely winning at life, therefore I’m eating a few more biccies, to keep the victory alive. πŸ™‚ I’m loving being in my third trimester of pregnancy. Not only is it a giggle and not only do i love the fact that I’ve found out I’m having a boy. But this time around in pregnancy, I’ve enjoyed it much more in my third…well end of second trimester and simply because i’ve kept my life luxury dipped and oozing with ‘ooh laa.’ Β No stress. No drama. Just perfectly. I’ve indulged in love, fairytales, posh hotel nights, calm merriment, spas, happiness, holidays and that oh so important REST…mixed in with only doing the things i love! Which really is only…family, love, entertainment, luxury, being sexy, making and ME! Figures! (Y’know, i adore feeling so at home here, that I forget we’re away in the first.THEN looking out the window, seeing how beautiful it is and remembering that I’m still here!! Life is good! Like we really need to buy this cabin and simply because we can’t seem to live without it. This place is our ‘happy place’ and today it is still magically snow laiden, beautifully frosted, peaceful, fresh and filled with this lovely positive *ooze* of magic. We hot tubbed last night, with our rubber duckies and nothing is truly more satisfying than relaxing away your troubles…not that i have any….away in warm bubbles, with the people you love, outside, in the middle of a snowy dripped forest.)

Today and after the most wonderful, steak dinnered evening, dipped in movie watching and flirtation, we woke up fresher than ever, filled with a glow of complete happiness and a shimmie *wink* of life! We’d had another one of our ‘talk about the world, how we’re feeling and our future’ conversations…and with Baby Ruby laid fast asleep between us and the lights on *dim,* we enjoyed each others company and planned for the great things about to occur. We’re really lucky to have one another because we see the world from the same set of eyes. Things are changing for us and for the better. The bizarre thing about it *sip a Prosecco here*….is that we can feel it. There’s a *buzz* around our little bubble of air that I call ‘Wunna land’ and it’s filling our world with lucky magic. If i hadn’t bumped into my now hubby, a year and a half ago, all this ‘magic’ wouldn’t be occurring. It’s weird how life takes you down a certain path that leads you to a better version of you. A ‘better version’ that makes all your wildest dreams come true. *Hair-toss-wink.* We’re at the very beginning of a very fruitful ride to success and well i still find it hilarious that i’m once again…beginning it with a *bump.* It’s my second chance at ‘getting it right’, in the land that birthed me…England. This time i’ve gonna over ‘glitz’ it. I feel great and if anything, i only ever wanted to be GREATNESS. (So, can you just hurry up and call me an ‘icon’ please. πŸ˜‰ ) I’ve just dripped out of the hot tub…the bubbles have gone to my head.

Have i even bothered to tell you what i did today?

Anyway, long story short. This lunch time, Baby Ruby, Keiran and I bundled up, glammed up and got ready to face the snowy forest, with smiles on our faces and the word ‘playful’ on the cards. I cannot tell you how beautiful it is out here. We really don’t want to leave. It’s sort of like Lapland, but after Christmas and the North Pole…but in Nottingham. Robin Hood, used to frolock around these parts and lord knows how he did it in tights, during the winter? However, today ‘The Wunna-Thompson’ treaded the wintery, beautiful, snowy dripped forest, as a family filled with joy. We walked through fields, upon tracks, sinking into the snow and picture taking every chance we could. Each branch of every tree had formed tiny, soft icicles of snow upon it’s branches and almost glistened with merriment as we passed. We were at peace. Surrounded by harmony and when you’re a family, a set of newlyweds, a pregnant couple, or a couple about to begin their journey to success, this moment is very important. It’s the breath you take before a big step. The calm you hear to keep your second focus. I’m learning to pause in life and enjoy what’s around me, instead of bustle past it with a swift ‘hair-toss.’ I think about everything i’ve been through in life and well i’ve learnt that once you appreciate life, it cuts you some slack and appreciates you right back…with air kisses. Add ‘trying hard to succeed,’ to the equation, with ‘thoroughly loving what you do’ and SHOCK..HORROR. You become a big success AND at something that you find a joy to do. It’s not that hard to figure out really. Less wine and less stress is good for me. I think more clearly and just on the whole DO BETTER. It’s much sexier this whole ‘doing better’ malarky. This year, i’m gonna make my mark. But finally, i intend on doing it properly. *Shimmie-flutter.*

This place is amazing and simply because it’s like a mental/emotional rehab. A peaceful place to gather your thoughts, without being disturbed. You’re only with the people you love and it’s private. In the words of a Facebook friend, who lovingly typed me a comment reading, ‘You and Keiran have turned into Hobbits.’ πŸ™‚ Β And we have! It’s really the truth. The way we move forward is by keeping everything around us positive and therefore cutting away from all negativity. We fill up with love juice. (That sounds a bit dirty. He’s not that lucky, i assure you. πŸ˜‰ But you know me, i delight in a bonk from ‘The Hubs. He’s not starving. πŸ™‚ So back off Ladies.) We just retreat to our ‘happy place’ and we do it to fill up and prep for the upcoming future.

Okay, i’ve got to totter off. I’m in a sexy nighty. Mainly because he adores it and dry humps me. Yet also because it’s all about ‘Sexy-Preggo-Wunna’ here in the forest. I ooze ‘ooh laa’ whenever i’m here and i have no idea why…except for the obvious reason of ‘i’ve still goddit.’ *Wiggle-wink*

It’s snack time and Baby Ruby is getting wildly frustrated with me being on my pink laptop. She’s managed to pour tropical juice all over the sofa and weirdly compare her cocktail sausage to…well i want tell you what she said. (Aww, Keiran’s just drank her juice without asking her. πŸ™ Chicks hate that, don’t we! Β He thinks he has a right to do that, because he’s the grown up and she’s the child. He doesn’t even realize that’s he doing it? That’s not how i work. If you expect her to ask YOU for something that’s yours, before she takes it. Then you must ask HER if you may take something that belongs to her, before you go ahead and use it. It’s called respect innit and actually teaches your child manners. I’m sure he was raised in a barn. πŸ™‚ He’s now tickling her back to make up for it. Good work. She looks likes she’s trying to push out a poo.)

It’s movie time for me now and i’m super proud that i’ve been quite productive once again with work. I’m moving ahead and doing so gracefully. I’ve actually got a lot coming up. Some stuff great. Some stuff random. But all either hilarious or wonderful. Or PAYS. πŸ™‚

To get what you want, you’ve got to put yourself out there. You’ve actually got to try. I’m doing that…and along with my frilly ‘builder’s bum’….SUCCEEDING!! Maybe you should all have one. *Now drink rum.*

Love you ALL.

Thank you so much, for having a peek and following my life.

I’m very grateful, but you know that, i’m sure.

Ps/ Glad Keiran’s back to blogging again.

C x


Keiran and Rubes in the snow today!

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