Getting it back together


Ladies! Never underestimate the power of ‘the wiggle.’ I just *wiggled* at Keiran in a doorway and his big lips smirked like everything was going to be okay again. 🙂 When things seem rocky in Wunna land it seems a ‘gun show’ (like the one her performed last night) and a *wink* go a long long way. We’ll both state to one another that it would probably take a LOT more that such a simple act of vanity. Yet really, in the end…it doesn’t. 🙂 I don’t think we’re worried about the ‘love’ part of it all, as we know that the love is solid, even when we try to fight it or elbow it to one side for a moment. Yet we really want the other to fancy us and adore us…It’s sort of like the sprinkles on top of the glory cake. We’re slowly getting our sprinkles back and well today (in fact even last night) we’ve been GREAT.

All yesterday was sort of flirty, light and back to normal. All last night was comfy, real and filled with love. Then this morning was about the giggles, kisses and wiggles. So, I guess we’re pretty much getting there. We both needed a break, yet filled that break with anger. Now the anger is gone and the forgiveness has settled in…it seems we’re back to being true loves.

The thing is…Yesterday Rubes lost her mind at nursery and well, my poor little girly pants has been through far too many transitions for a two year old that even though I had thought she had, or was dealing with it okay and with a wink…she wasn’t. A random act of aggression proved that in nursery yesterday, where even the nursery nurses we’re shocked to have seen her be that way. In fact RUBY herself was actually shocked. It’s just not behaviour that I accept at all. Yet, she’s my tiny loin fruit and I know that everything she’s going through is pretty much down to me.

Ruby has MISSED Keiran loads. She missed him when he worked away, She then became fine. Then she missed him when he left. She then became fine. She went through the struggle of accepting a brand new baby…followed by ‘Daddy’ then leaving…which pretty much broke her heart. We all thought she was fine..because she seemed to be. I did notice little bits of distress. Yet the to-ing and fro-ing of her Daddy(who loved her more than anything) and the crying and tension of her mummy finally played with her head far too much, that she completely lost her mind. Not good.

Yesterday…he came around and made it all right. At the end of the day or children matter to us. We adore each other regardless. The children need us with all of their hearts. We’re back to flirty, playful and in love again…

So there…we’re doing it. We’re getting our shit back together.



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