Getting Ahead…and not just with a wiggle

Underneath it all, i’m having a really great day. I say ‘underneath it all’ simply because my current home life is not quite as delicious as usual, but being not one to dwell on temporary glitches, that i know will smooth over, i’m internally OVER THE MOON! (Yet feel like i’m unable to quite fully express it. Which i don’t find fair. Infact, i’m fuming. Haha.)

Today is one of those Kitty cat days, where you finally hit the *pause* button, breathe and feel relieved that all the hard work you put into life, has really paid off. I woke up half full, due to my emotions getting the better of me and well letting a jolly bit of ‘pity party for one’ glaze over my glitzy existance. (Never sexy.)  HOWEVER, I then found my press release awaiting my ‘click-click’ in my AOL inbox today and everything from that moment changed. It is AMAZING!! A bit too amazing! I literally looked at it, skimmed it and thought, ‘is that about ME???’

Now I’m all overwhelmed, in shock and thumbing through the files of my life in my head. I can’t believe that my little blog is now a real life book, after years and years of me tapping away at my laptop keys. It almost feels like i’ve achieved the impossible and for once i’ve managed to put my delightful brain to work, as opposed to my…body. 🙂 Three cheers!! (Let’s not get over excited. I’m sure there’s more pointless nudity to come.)

I read through the release, i breathed with calm and then jumped up with excitement. I just CANNOT believe it and to the actual point where i’ve managed to have a little private ‘Princess weep’ upstairs in my sheets at the sheer ‘OH MY GOD’-ness of it all. As usual and with a distinct case of ‘i’m used to it’ i don’t have the full support for my excitement by a couple of ‘close to me’s.’ However on the whole, this little slanted eyed, kitten with a dream, has actually bizarrely managed to do well! And my advice to anyone with a little dream is to never ever give up on it. I began writing my blog years and years ago, never thinking that one day it would become a book. (Maybe that was the secret to good blog writing.) Yet even when i wanted it to become a book (*Quick bronze here*) ..i never knew how i would manage to conjour such a delicious plan up. But i did it, meaning that the first step to achieving a dream come true is to have the ability to think it. Add a little hard work, a few sacrifices, a mighty dollop of sex appeal, a little bit of love, good heels and a whole lot of heart and i promise you, know matter where you are in the world, or who you are in the world, you can and will make it happen.

Now, today i could’ve used this little bit of blog space for a jolly blob of ‘naughty negative,’ as i’ve had quite a bumpy ride over the last day or well whatever you want to call it. Yet instead..(Helllooo Wunna 2012)  i decided to wallpaper over that bit of bumpy and celebrate the wonderful things occuring in Wunna Land.  *Pours you champagne.*Why? Well because no matter what happens to you in life, the good things are meant to overide the bad and when you learn the art of doing that, then nothing in the entire world can stop you from doing fabulously. Not even the 2012 new Louis Vuitton collection. #todiefor. I think i’m doing well because i took my own advice, which was to ‘get ahead in the times that people waste.’ Whilst everyone was partying and getting fucked up in creepy, disco lit, dark corners…i concentrated on doing things right. (I’ve had my fair share of ‘party-party’ and well we know that it got me nowhere…fast…apart from into bad relationships and bad habits.) Now that i’m at the ‘omg it’s all gone right’ stage, the people who were scorning me for not partying with them (who might I add are still in dark corners wasting precious time..they’re not even dancing in the disco light) are now all bitter and angry at me. OR trying to *wiggle* in for a bit Wunna love. Erm..? The only people who hate on you, are the people who haven’t yet managed to achieve. Once they realize the art to success, then they too could use their time a little more wisely. But at the end of the day, all you can do is have a wine, pass on your little bit of knowledge and hope that maybe they listen. If not…well i guess they can buy my book. 😉 *claws*

There’s a lot of Wunna Love to give and well i now have no reason to really be disappointed or wallow in a pity party, as a lot of people have it far worse off. I never take life or time for granted. I’m doing well. I’m taking those work phone calls with excitement and I’m looking after those i care for. I appreciate those who care for me and i forgive those who didn’t actually mean to hurt me.

I’m a bit stunted for words today because so much has gone on, from the press release, the excitement, a wonderful phone call from the agent and well everything else, that i’ve got to keep this short. Life isn’t always easy, you may cry a little, you may hurt a little, you may even at times think that there really isn’t much in it for you. But if you take the time to look around you and see how wonderful you have it. Notice that you have people in your life that want to make you smile, an entire world of beauty that helps you take your very next breath, warm sheets, a decent tan :), family and well the little things that people always forget. Once you embrace them, love them, plant firm roots, then life rewards you threefold, for learning your lessons early. (Don’t worry i’m 31, it really did take me a long time. 😉 I’ve weeped and puked on everything worth my time both here and in Hollywood.)

But this morning, at 31, I woke up to my little baby girl wanting me to blow dry her little baby curls before nursery and the sheer excitement on her tiny little face when i surrendered to her demand was the absolute best part of my morning. Everything else in life is a bonus and that bonus comes, when you can appreciate something as little as a smile and realize how big that actually is. (Preach over. 🙂 )

‘Diaries of a Glamour Puss’ actually coming soon! (OMFG!!!!)

ps/ Oh and to the boy that told me that my ‘life would never be a book’…aaaah well 🙂

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