‘Getting a wee bit excited’

My legs are killing! Yesterday was a glorious day of ‘love bunny.’ Keiran and I are now truly embracing our week run up to the big day by loving each other with an innocent ‘ooh,’ loving each other with a not so innocent bit of naked ‘ooh’ (*wink-spurt*) and actually getting excited, over champagne, with kiddie snacks for our Sunday of ‘down the isle.’ OMG! I can’t wait. He is being the absolute perfect hubby-to-be and well what i know about him, is that when it comes to what matters, in the end, he always makes the right and most romantic choices. We’re in love and Wunna land couldn’t be more ‘fairytale’ right now.
I’ve currently sent him on a quick stress buster head massage, in order to hurry him ‘ouchy’ head to ‘Mmm bliss.’ He has a little boy smile on his face and can’t wait to say his ‘i do’s.’ (Last night on the sofa, he looked at me like he couldn’t love me enough and with a giggly bit of ‘aww’…told me to never break his heart. It kinda took me back to the night when he proposed…well before he proposed and he placed my hand on his ‘party’ heart, told me it was mine and that i was never ever to hurt it or break it. Half an hour later…he asked me to marry him. 🙂 I will say that in our relationship i may have been a ‘diva’ at the best of times, however that moment, our relationship and my promise to be his wife, has never ever been broken. I have always honoured that. The bubble is bliss right now and with only 6 days to go…we’re resting up and enjoying every delicious moment of the build up.
Okay, so i spent the evening with my hubby-to-be, with two bottles of champagne and watching the Olympics. The Olympics are worrying. I’m loving them, however, i don’t think they’re good for me. After sighting world champions cycle, bounce or sprint their way to success, i decided i was chubby and unfit, so unfortunately made the executive decision to WALK to the supermarket to buy us comforting snacks of the ‘yum-yum’ variety. (I’ve given up on my wedding diet. I need choccie love right now, now wheat free bread. The plus side is, at least i don’t have to have my dress fitted now. My hips grew. Hurrah! It’s certainly one way to save money. Eat comfort food.)
I’m a glamour puss, so walking anywhere is a chore. Let alone walking BACK with £60 ounds worth of snacks, and having to carry it all at around 8pm. Looong much. We’ve stated that i have rubbish arms. they can’t open bottles of pop, let alone carry bags filled with ‘yum-yum’ and champagne!! Now, i’ve realized that my legs are also rubbish. I finally got home to my ‘Handsome Keiran cheering at my return. I smiled, felt shattered and asked him if i won or came last? 🙂 Then we stuffed our faces with cocktail sausages, humous, olives, chocolate and everything else…under our little chandelier.
The wedding planning is actually going really well. I’ve still got a few niggly bits to do, however, it’s all coming together now and i’m enjoying every moment! It’s wonderful to have Keiran back and now the big things are done, i can sit back and wiggle my way through the little. (God, i’d do anything for a whopper right now.)
I will be giving you all the list of people, companies and ideas i’ve used in order to make this Wunna-Thompson wedding work. (Incase you have an uncoming bit of ‘i do’ and need help.) But i’m happy. Super dooper excited and have not much left, but a candy bar, trees, a bit of filming, final payments, (courteousy of my parents,) palce cards and table plans to do.) All else is good. Except i still have to type out romantic facts about Keiran and I to let our guests know a little bit more about us. (Over a 4 course dinner and booze.) Yippee.
We’re really looking forward to seeing you all and can’t wait to get to Sunday 2pm. Like i said on Friday we have our family dinner, then on Saturday we check into the hotel for a day of spa and pamper. We’ll be spending the night apart, but then enjoying the next morning where we get married. 🙂 AND with our trusted crew of filming, family and friends.
I must go, as i still have niggly things to do…but i love you…and i’ll be keeping you updated as we get to our big day!
6 days and counting….I’m marrying the man of my dreams.

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