Get me back to the cabin!


So i arrived back home from the forest log cabin this morning, after weeping all night because i didn’t want to leave. Really….i did. I Princess weeped for England and snotted all over my fresh white pillows, next to the naked hubs, who had just put our baby bambino to sleep, after watching horror movies with Harry Potter in them. (Don’t ask.)

I have loved every second of being away in the forest to the point where…like Buddha…i found total enlightenment. I’m telling ya! I’m emotional…but i’m not a weeper, when it comes to leaving places. I usually pack light and leave light with a wink. This time when i went to the cabin, i packed for a year…When you do that (and i never do that) it means you’re going somewhere where you subconsciously want to stay for a long time. My whole entire world seemed at peace. I looked at Keiran and was just madly in love with him and knew i had found the perfect man for me. I found a man that truely loves me and with every little inch of his heart. Every girl needs a man like that in her life. Without one, what would we do.

I watched my Baby Ruby dance and giggle, with happiness like i had never seen her before…fair enough she was nudies again…but blissfully happy, like the world was her oyster and if you’re a mum, you know how that made me feel. Going to bed, yesterday evening was awful for me. Infact…shit. So,  like I said, i did what any little Glamour puss would do in her moment of need (n0..not ask for diamonds) and princess weeped, all over pillows and Keiran’s pectorial muscles. 😉  My time away actually reminded me of the things that matter to me in life. I have them, i’ve found them and i have another ‘them’ on the way. 🙂 Yes, my ‘them’s’ come decorated in beautiful external packages. Yet internally they are even more of a delight and glow with a warm ooze of love.

No-one would ever think i’d turn out to be so family oriented. Party Princess all mummied and wifed up. (I’m the better version of me.)  So even though i’m devastated that i’m back here in Ponty, in the bustle and drama of life and Christmas madness. (I’m currently around drunks and even that doesn’t make me smile. 😉 ) And i truely am devastated. Like i’m talking absolute weepy tears the night before remember. I’m kinda holding my head up high and hoping for the best. To make me smile Keiran’s promised that we can go back to the forest cabin in 3 weeks time and for longer! That makes me happy. I don’t think i have ever seen my entire little family ever that happy, in one place, for that long and at one time. Ruby ADORED IT and for me that makes my world. It was her first trip away and her first time hot tubbing. She cried this morning, when we literally had to wake her up at 7am, in the dark of the forest, pack up all her bags and get her ready for nursery. When she finally knew what was going on, she princess weeped tooooo! 🙁 I picked her up, kissed her and she pointed outside, with tears running down her cheeks, to the hot tub and through her tears said ‘Bye, Bye Ducky.’ (Ducky, is the rubber ducky we had in our hot tub. Every hot tub should have a rubber ducky, or you’re just not swag.

We drove back to Pontefract in the pitch black and early hours. We dropped Rubes off at nursery, straight from her holiday, for her last day. Then we got home, unpacked and Keiran went straight to work. Awful innit. How you have to plunge your way back into an existance, after being in utter harmony. I’ve ventured out to get a bit of shopping done..thinking it would merry and light and sort of busy for Crimbo. Holy shit, i was wrong!! It is officially maddness. (But Andi Peters has wished me a Happy Christmas, so that’s all that matters. If in doubt..reach for Andi Peters.)

First of all i’d like to THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for all my birthday messages via Facebook, Twitter, Inbox, Blog mail…text…carrier pigeon….everything! I had no signal at the cabin and well when i got back this morning, it was lovely to see that i was…. still popular. 😉

Luckily the world didn’t end…so i can buy my mum her Xmas pressies. Unluckily, it’s causing my bank balance to diminish by the second, making Xmas a rather pricey one for ‘The Wunna-Thompsons.’

I hope you’re all getting ready for Christmas. If you do anything, refrain from stressing. So what if you haven’t bought your girlie the perfect gift, or managed to grab everything you need for the dinner. Or even if you’ve run out of funds to buy anyone anything. Just whop on a smile and a bit of tinsel and wing it anyway.

I have a super busy 2013 coming up…so all i’m wanting to do is chill and ofcourse get to wiggling. (I have done ZERO Xmas shopping.) Yippeee!

Taking Rubes to Toys R Us tonight, to make her feel better about leaving the forest. (Bad move,  but ah well…she’s worth it.)


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  1. It’s true, some places in the world like mountains, forests, lakes have a magical feeling that seems to calm and heal the soul.



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