Get Cha ‘Hoe’ Down in the Hay

A little bit of barn action to sail you into your Bank Holiday weekend. I’m definitely excited for mine. I’m deciding between the ‘slutty’ dress or the ‘really slutty’ dress? Aah! The trials and tribulations of being a Wunna. (I had a random but lovely middle aged woman come up to me today, hold a slaggy dress up infront of her and say, ‘Chrissie, can i get away with wearing this???‘  I replied with a ‘Yeah bitch!’ ( Delicious! ) It’s gonna be a weekend of trouble for me…i can feel a tingle coming on. It’s important to embrace these ‘tingles’ and turn them into a magical memory. Or….just get drunk and sleep with a stranger. I will be refraining from sleeping with strangers, as i hardly ever do that anymore. I at least know them for a good long drink now, before the ‘pounce and scramble.’ I’m trying to be a virgin again. How am i doing?

4 thoughts on “Get Cha ‘Hoe’ Down in the Hay”

  1. good luck,godspeed,lol and don’t forget Do what your heart tells you to, all the rest will fall into place 🙂

  2. very few people’s lives work out the way they imagine it,it’s what makes life interesting,i wouldn’t have wanted a life all planned out and totally predictable


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