Gently Does it

I have the tiniest of feet, yet they are soo well travelled. I spent the whole of last night ‘BBM’ flirting with a boy that i so deliciously want to have a very ‘sexy time’ with. I believe my powers of persuasion, (although lacking due to the fact that my bossy nature fools me into believing a direct COMMAND  is the easiest form of social influence,) are working a treat. I also managed to make BBF Kat cry yesterday by calling her ‘Evil’ on the telly. (Hahah.) I crack myself up, i do! Anyway, I over the phone ‘hugged’ her, listenned to her having a bath. (She does that. Gets in the tub, plonks me on Speaker phone, lays me to one side and then lets me ramble on about midgets and gardens, whilst she’s razoring the ‘pansy.’) Delicious! My life is good, yet it needs to get a little spicier. (She winks, grabs her dildo, and marches forward with Pride.)

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