Gangster Squad, Futures & Fidget bum weirdos…


So, we went to watch ‘Gangster Squad’ at Cineworld Xscape today, at 12.45pm. Amazing film, great actors, terrific story line and well all filmed in a place that i hold close to my heart. Hollywood. Even though i used to call it home, i no longer truly regard it as ‘home’ and dimply because i graduated from that town with flying colours and it was just my turn to move on, until that chapter gets reopened. I’ve never been happier in life, than i am right now and if i never moved away from the old town of tinsel, that i adore…i would never be in the position i am today, which is a position i am thankful for and more than you would ever expect.

Anyway, yeah…so my gorgeous hubby and I, totter down to Xscape…bouji style, book the private VIP booth to watch the movie. (I’ve wanted to watch ‘Gangster Squad’ since seeing the trailer a couple weeks back, before ‘Jack Reacher.’ I love a ‘based on a true story’ malarky and well, even though it’s all very violent and i am ofcourse against all things ‘bang-bang,’ there’s a certain time of glamour to those ‘gangster’ Hollywood, days that gets you every time. They have the ‘ooh laa.’ The ‘Va voom.’ The kitty cat punch of magic. Making cinema time…worth it.

But yeah, there we were, feeling really great, loving our little VIP box and being sat above and away from everyone else, ready to watch the film. I was really excited because we pretty much had it all to ourselves…UNTIL the the ‘fuck me’ Gods, wanted to throw in a spanner and bless us with the weirdest man they could’ve chosen to have enter our  box and sit with us to watch the film. What are the chances. I mean, i knew he was weird straight away, as soon as he spoke to us. Picture a fidgety old, white haired, skinny man, who maybe had OCD, was tremendously anxious, uneasy, neurotic, unstable and maybe spends a lot of time alone, in a Jesus sandal and sock combination. He likes movies and if i read him correctly has an unhealthy ‘Sean Penn’ fetish, that he so likes to share. Now, i don’t mind any of the above at all. I’m not evil, nor will i completely 🙂 judge him. Yet i do mind, when it’s in my VIP box, when i’m about to watch ‘Gangster Squad.’

Holy Inappropriateness! This guy, not only weird chatted to us through the film, but also got up and walked straight across our screen view almost 5 times, due to a week bladder, or maybe a ‘George Michael’ bathroom moment over Sean Penn. I’m not joking. He was up and down, legs crossed, legs open, Arms folded, arms to the side. Then up again for a good 15 minute diasppearing act. You should’ve seen my face when i had noticed the length of time he had ‘Houdini’ed’ for, during this 15 minutes. My eyes glowed with glee and even Keiran, popped out of his shell with a smile. I turned to my hubby, tickled his neck and giddily said, ‘i hope we’ve scared him off. He’s been gone ages!’ (I’m polite, i know. 🙂 However, really put yourself in my position. I’m of a naturally feisty mould and one to speak my mind. Mix that with preggo hormones and sit me next to a weird fidgety man and it takes a lot for me to pretend it’s not happening and be polite. I even counted the number of chairs in the VIP, to next time book the entire box OUT, just so i would never have to deal with a guy like him ever again.

Just as Keiran predicted. The door swung open, mid-film…and he was back. I guess he just needed a poo., UGH! He walked across the screen, put his jumper on, took his jumper on and then switched seats so he could seat a little bit closer to me. Lovely! Y’know the last time i met a man of his type, he was in Kinkos, a sort of internet, printing place in LA. He was old and grey haired too, but was going mental at the screen, like he was having an orgasm, because he had at least 14 different dirty chat boxes going at one time. He creeped me out. But in Hollywood…you expect that. A lot goes on in that town, that is dodgy. So much. I mean, i’ve been in many a dodgy encounter a hundred times over there, It’s not a safe town. Yet who’da thought…that in Ponty, i’d find the same kind of man, but not the kinky version, in the VIP box with me.

Great movie! Great time with my Hubby! Would’ve been so much better, if the odd man wasn’t there. Weirdo. The cute thing about watching movies with my lovely hubs, is that whenever we do, he gets really into them. So into them that he believes he’s there, living it with the characters on screen, like he’s one of them. In the last movie, he swore he would’ve been like ‘Jack Reacher.’ (The Hero.) Then today, he completely believed he was part of the ‘Gangster Squad,’ saving the day and fighting for what he believed was right. Killing the baddies and bring right to the world. (The Hero.) It makes me giggle because you have not met a more passionate man..dipped in a childlike innocence. Yet, you know you have a good man, when he always wants to be ‘the hero.’ It’s better than him always wanting to be the ‘bum.’ I feel very excited to have him by my side. He loves me and makes me feel loved. That’s the kind a man all girls need with them. Yeah, we’ve been through our initial ups and downs…and well now i know it was for what lies ahead in our lives. It was all to make sure our bond was strong..and it is…it’s unbreakable. He if could give me the world…he would and will. And well i’m the kinda girl who will take him from boy to MAN, yet to a place he always saw himself reigning from. We both want everything, bundled in a ball of success and well life, love and everything we have going on is certainly getting our juices flowing. I love him. I think we’ve finally found our balance. We understand life and we understand each other.

Aside from all that, i’ve just put Baby Ruby to bed and tucked her in with love. Whenever i do, i always lay with her and listen to her tell me about her day. She does it with such passion and love. The real kind of love, filled with magic. I can honestly just look at her and see every inch of her beauty. She’s so innocent, pure and giggly, that my heart just melts. I always knew i wanted to be a mummy. I wanted a brilliant career and to be one day in the future be a mummy and be married to the man of my dreams. I have that now…even though it took a long time coming. I hope one day we all enjoy fame, fortune and power because we’ll always be dipped in pure and utter love. I love being a wife. I love being a mum and i’m on my way to grooming a successful career.

I’m at the very beginning…even though i’ve graced this earth for 32 years. My first life circle came to an end and i’ve entered by second. Life is getting better and better and i just can’t wait to live every moment of it….and this time with my perfect little family. I’d be nothing without them.

Nighty night, my pretties. Love the people who truely love you and make your dreams come true. Go on them…add wiggles…which if you’re not pregnant is code (especially for this hour) a rum.)

Tomorrow is a very big day for Keiran and I!!! One more sleep and i’ll know the sex of my *bump!* AMAZING!

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