Funny bone happy

I had a hilarious day and there’s nothing like a bit of humour, a cup of tea, and the odd person to yell at, to really sum up ‘happiness.’ I spent the first half of the morning running around the garden… incognito, hiding in bushes, and trying to dodge the ‘neighbourhood watch’ lady, ‘Benny Hill’ style. I live in one of those secluded villages that prides itself on it’s ‘dignified residents,’ and if you ‘wrong do,’ not only does everyone gossip about you, but a meeting is held, and then a newsletter is written, expressing the concerns of the other residents. You could get banished!!! But i ducked, and weaved like a ninja, ( i’m use to sneaking away especially with my top off….oh the memories.) I got my boobie pics done, I got booked on the job, i needed to get booked on…(thanx to my agent, my boobs and my hiding in bushes,) and not only do i feel refreshed, revived and full of spunk…(erm…?) I’ve managed to relax, watch Hollyoaks and consume 5 glasses of water. I’ve heard it washes out fat toxins or something?? Life is good, and i feel sooooo lucky. I’m not as ‘magic’ as i use to be, but i’m hoping it will come back soon. ‘Latin Lover’ is not picking up my calls, because he’s probably offended by a previous blog (lol..), and i called his sister a ‘skank’ when i was a bit tipsy…but i don’t care, he can muddle over his thoughts, whilst i stay funny bone happy!!! I am LOVING life…

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  1. im pleased u are happy chrissie it sounds like u had a right bubble today your neighbours sound like the ones i used ot have when i lived with me old girl nosey cuntz i hope u stay funny bone happy enjoy stender take care chrissie tada scratch


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