Frisky, Fabulous & Completely For You


Just got out of the most deliciously warm bubble bath. I have to have it extra *sizzle* because i can’t at all stand even the smallest droplet of cold water. I enjoy things to be steamy. Even ‘warm‘ doesn’t cut it. It’s not how this Puss rolls. Cold or slow are just not my games. I’m prepping for my birthday, which as you all should know is a coming on down and I’m turning 29. Now, although, i pretend it bothers me, (as that’s the right thing to’s humble isn’t it…yawn) i actually secretly kinda can’t wait. (I’m a fun girl, therefore no matter how old you are, the day you were born is a day to be celebrated!) Plus, I’d never want to do my early 20’s again. I feel all sassy, sexy, wise & grown. It’s like being a hot 6th former, in the school of ‘Being 20,’ when the rest are struggling to find themselves, i’ve already cemented my place and i’m working it like a champion. I feel strong, confident and powerful and well it takes an awful lot to get me out the merry game. I’m happy, i’m doing great. I’m looking good. I’m feeling sexy and well why would any boy want to date any little girl, when he can be with a full grown glamour puss. (I’m being ridiculously egotistical, but cut me some is my bday soon…AND i have great tits….well not in that picture.) I want all of you to feel the same. It’s a celebration of self!!

Anyway, apart from picking out rubies today. How lovely right. I’m Burmese. The greatest rubies in the world come from our country. I’m lucky enough to have people come over, with boxes full and pick anyone that takes my fancy, to be mixed with diamonds and set into jewellery for me. I’ve been doing it since I was a little girl, with my mum. It’s almost a family tradition. I’ll do it with my daughter(..when i have one.) But yeah, I spent £3000 in 47 seconds. I always know what i want right away. (And that’s with EVERYTHING!) I’ve had the same jeweller for years. Then after watching Jeremy Kyle (who i think needs anger management)..i dipped in my bubble bath, with a bottle of pink champagne, and (this is gonna sound odd) a delicious bowl of mushy peas, that had been chillied. I came up with it myself. I know right…step aside Ramsay, there’s a new pussy with peas in town. (I love how i’m trying to make all this sound sexy & seductive, when really i’m just a well boobied, slanted eyed girl, who took a hot bath, with booze and fucking peas.)

I did have a ‘play‘ in the bathtub. I tend too. I know, it’s naughty. But i could be doing a lot worse. I’m about to have a meaty period soon. I always feel rather frisky a week and a half before. I think most girls do. I really want a baby. I need to replace my ‘hand’ for a ‘husband.’ Hahaha…I’m, awful. I also decided i wasn’t going to drink until my birthday and well yeah i already broke that rule. The ‘Mulled wine’ Airwick plan, back fired and made me want to get pissed. I’m just a good time girl…why fight it right? I mean, i did once give up drinking, smoking and sex and let me tell you…it was the worst nine minutes of my entire LIFE!  I’m a glamour puss. I have nothing else to do, but the above, flirt, party and seduce men.

Anyway i love you all, but i do need to run off for a wee willy winky and make myself an eggnog, rum thing. My ex-hubby would love my eggnog rum thing. I enjoyed trying to palm it off, as my own special recipe. It was ready made and bought at ‘Ralphs.’ (Big American supermarket chain.) I need a boy to look after and make eggnog rum things for!  🙁 I’m ready. *grabs heels*

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