Friends like these

I’m a strong believer that you’re a product of your environment and that you can tell a great deal about yourself by the friends you decide to keep. Here’s what one of my ‘closest’s got up to this Saturday: (I recieved this message approx.7 mins ago via Facebook IM)

‘Hi sex beast, you would’ve been so proud of my debauched weekend specificaly saturday night. I danced the gayest tango with the gayest man in the room, sloshed on over to the hottest guy in the room, told him he was really hot and then slurred my way through some conversation, left the party found my new little random crush boy in town… dragged him into a doorway of a charity shop and ate his face off. Apparently i bit his tongue really hard…’

I love this girl!! We have truely lived life together. She then went on to tell me that at 4 o clock in the morning she proceeded to cry her eyes out because she didn’t want to go home and wanted to stay out and party! Lol. Unfortunately one of her other friends ended up bumping into her ex, who was friends with the boy she was snogging (I actually love bumping into my ex’es when drunk, as it’s pretty much guaranteed that i’ll get laid.) My friend describes it as this:

‘…it all went a bit wrong and she ended up SCREAMING his name over and over so loudly that they could here her the OTHER side of town!!

I have done this sooo many times when wasted to the point where the boy in question has simply text me the message ‘Stop.‘ I love being a GIRL!! There’s nothing quite like us!!

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