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Good afternoon my seductive little chimps of great taste!

Today I am LOVING, in fact no…ADORING very minute of WORK and once again I cannot STRESS to you the importance of doing and maybe ‘only doing’ the things that you truly LOVE. I’m been rambling on about it for ages now, yet since i’ve readjusted and put everything in the right place, after a quick dust off and wink-fest…my life has turned back to glitter. (And I do mean the sprinkly stuff that you can never get out ya hair and not the shit Mariah Carey movie.)

HONESTLY, i’ve spent the morning…looking through catalogs of products and now being a bit more specific about the beauty picks that I wish to order. I’m pretty good at knowing what I want when it comes to the today (and after a long day of online chatting with companies in China) China responded with an ‘Hell yeah baby.’ Well…sort of. That’s what I translate it as. I think they were more ‘Hurry up and make an order so we can make money,’ with a polite little Chinese bow of respect at the end of it of course. #TeamAsia.

After hearing back from all the right people. I sorted out what I wanted order and went ahead to order some samples. By tomorrow, they should get back to me…and then I can sort out the payment part.

It’s hard when you’re working to a different time zone. But only because your excitement gets the better of you. You’re sort of aggressively toe tapping with a genuine smile on your face, trying not to explode into ‘happy dance’ mode. I haven’t even though about the ‘hope they sell’ part or what i’m gonna do next and simply because it’s vital to take things a stage at a time. I’m in the ordering stage, to recieve samples. I’m not in a rush to mess things up. I’m making sure everything is right. I mean, I had a cosmetics line a couple years back, yet couldn’t get a license to sell the products in the Uk, which was annoying because the Uk was where I resided and the Uk is where I had JUST come off a show. It was annoying and well this time i’m filled with glee, simply because I got to choose the products MYSELF. I never got to do that before with my last range. The company did everything and whopped my face and name on it all as the BRAND.  That’s also fine and I hate it when people state that it’s not. Yet when a beauty line has been an actual passion and not just another way to get noticed or make money for you…you sort of WANT to be part of the creative process.

Years later…I finally get to do that. All it takes…is dosh. 🙂

I’ve chosen everything from the wording, to the packaging, to the actual products, the colours..the size, the works! This is where doing the Ann Summers documentary has helped me a great juicy deal because i’ve had full on experience..well a peek at understanding… what goes on with the process of new product development, from concept to launch. I’M EXCITED!

I think it’s going to be daunting when i’m just sat in my living room with boxes full of product that i need to shift and PR in all the right place. But i’m not there yet, so it’s not something I need to worry about. 🙂 Lots of wine drinking will take place before then. I will tell you that the line is just a couple pieces. I’m going to promote one piece at a time. It’s pointless catapulting a whole bundle at you at once and hoping it sticks. The products are very ME, yet their not as tacky as you think they’d be. 🙂 They’re simple. I’ve learnt that simple is usually what works out the best. But I want everything little inch of the design and product to be PERFECT. It’s a high end, luxury line. So the pieces aren’t cheap. Yet they certainly are delicious. I just don’t want to do the ‘run of the mill-seen it everywhere before,’ sort of range. Like I said, it’s simple…but it’s right.

I’m properly filled with the jollies and it’s all because i’m doing something that I love. Something that i find worthwhile. Something that I enjoy. Something that I find glamourous. (If you make ANYTHING  mildy, glammy, you’ll find me there within seconds. My LA friends once told me that we were going to be going to the zoo to look at animals and drink cocktails. I was so excited that I went. They lied. It was just a gravel roaded, uphill HIKE! FFS!)

I hope you’re all feeling happy this Friday. If not, you can start somewhere you miserable lot. The key to success is to love. Be it a job, a goal, a person…a world.  Feel love and be love. (That sounds preachy…but it’s true. AND like I always say, if you can’t do it at Christmas then when can you!!) As soon as  you do surrender to the art of love… everything falls into place and life just gets better. I intend on being all wise and bringing up the children with the same outlook on happiness. (Buddha eat ya heart out.) If they learn it from being babies…when they get older, they won’t be their own worst enemy and wear sequins, in gutters whilst crying into a gin.

Other than that EVERYONE CAN KNIT BUT ME and I WANT TO BE ABLE TO KNIT. It look rather therapeutic to me! Plus, the comedy value of it is much too be smitten about, because you can sit and knit a scarf, whilst downing a rum flavoured cup of tea, on a rocking chair in the corner of your front room. When I was at nursery today, one of the nursery nurses told me that she had started knitting pink things! I want to be able to say that!! ‘Hey I’m Wunna. I can knit pink things too!’

Then it got even better because I arrived at nursery with two children & left with no children and a FREE BAG of clothes! #whatascore #winningatlife (Sorry, I’m currently eating a Caesar Salad whilst blogging. I hope my crouton crunching isn’t annoying you? 😉 I’m onyl saying because it annoys me most of the time. No, not YOUR crunching. But my own. It’s always really embarrassing crunching in front of other people isn’t it? Yet when you’re at home on your own, you chomp away madly like you’re chewing on gravel clumped boulders…that is covered with the skin on Joan Rivers. 🙂 )

Anyway, I better be off, mainly because i’ve finished my salad now and I can’t be bothered to type anymore. I had a whole lovely list of errands to run, but not got around to doing any of them! Yipppeee!

Have a happy FRIDAY!

Love you longtime, Dolls!




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