Friday’s, Babies and Bumps


Men really are a completely different species to us ladies. We’re the more refined species, filled with glamour, life and ‘ooh laa.’ We’re the brains of the operation and the kittens gifted with the art of being tremendous multi-taskers, at the same time as being able to forgive and do it with a warm heart.

Now, before you get all up in arms, nothing’s happened between Keiran and I. It’s not us, we’re still ‘Fairytale.’ I mean, we haven’t fought in ages, yet we haven’t really spent much time together recently. He’s been working and i’ve been working ‘it’…whilst preggo, previously fluey and with Baby Ruby by my side. My chick friend thinks he’s been finding work to do, when he gets home simply to get out of having to do anything at home, like look after Ruby. She asked me what ‘work’ does he actually have to do, after the day job. All i said was ‘scheduling.’ She laughed down the phone with a ‘what it takes him 2 hours to be able to type a few names into slots and time frames…you really need to stop dating down.’ Lol.

I kinda like it, as it means that Ruby and I spend all our time together. We’re a great mummy, baby combo…and in a way, when it comes to the Summer time, he’s kinda not part of the family, as he saunters off to work away and in the weeks before he preps for the ‘working away.’ I don’t mind it at all. I’m used to it now. Yet, i’m very conscious of Ruby, is is completely confused by his existance in her life right now, because he’ll see and cuddle her for a good 5 minutes, say ‘bye’ and disappears. It’s like she no longer understands his purpose in her life. But work is work and he has to work to get to a place of self worth…and for himself really, as he’s a long way off the mark from where he wishes himself to be. I feel comfortable right now and once i’ve given birth to my little boy, i’m all rockets and *ba-boom.* I’ve got a lot going on behind the scenes right now and well yesterday I finally witnessed the results of a very long project that i’ve been waiting to impress you all with. It felt really good and has been something that i’ve loved doing over the last year.

There’s a lot more being dangled within entertainment for me right now, so i’m waiting, watching and organizing. I’m feeling confident and like I can do all of this and then some…at the same time as rocking a day job AND caring for my (soon to be TWO)  children. I’m a lucky girl, who’s come a long way, travelled a long distance and this year is the year the elements have been placed correctly for me. Last year was all about finding love, being loved and setting up a family. The rest of this year is the money maker. Plus,at the same time as ‘day job,’ I want to get back into the limelight because I really did love it, in fact adore it when I was. I was looking through pictures of when I had truck loads of fans and everything and I couldn’t even go shopping without getting bombarded by beings. It’s not like that now. I want that back. It’s good for my ego and everyone’s ego needs a massage. *Purr.*

(The friend that called me earlier has just found out that the guy she’s been dating for 5 years has been having secret affairs with women that he’s been working with. One of them Facebooked her the entire stream of messages, then an entire stream of text messages. I both love it and hate it when that happens. It’s good to know and bad to feel, all at the same time. But men need to learn that no matter what GIRLS TALK. I mean he doesn’t even know that she knows yet…so a bit more than the ‘doghouse’ will be coming to him.)

Yesterday was a great day. I managed to exhaust myself, but my Mum and family cheered me up. I have a great family and well I told Keiran that I did lunch with her yesterday and he replied saying, ‘Is your Mum never at work because she seems to spend so much time with you???’ Erm…just because I have a great mum, doesn’t mean she doesn’t work. Logic much? I just laughed, looked at him and said, ‘What are you on about. She works harder than anyone?’ (My mums 63, a doctor and working over 40 hours a week. A big money maker. My hero. A great role model.) ‘I’m pregnant. Her baby is having a baby. She wants to spend time with me, so in her lunch break she came to take care of her daughter…before going back to work.’ I’m not quite sure why he doesn’t see that as normal. Lol. Then he went upstairs to work, as I giggled and massaged my beautiful Baby Ruby. She was SO wonderful last night. We cuddled and kissed and she looked at me and told me how much she loved me. 🙂

Then I tucked her in and told Keiran that he wasn’t moving with his romantic foot forward. 🙂 (I just said it, to be funny. It’s from the Millionaire Matchmaker. He reminded me that he bought me flowers the other day…and he did…and I appreciate them. Then stated that he could finish up and come down stairs for cuddles ‘in a bit.’ I fell asleep. I couldn’t be bothered to wait. But I had a good night. Ruby and I are really close right now and tomorrow is our big shopping day. Plus, i’m getting my weave tightened. I'[m actually a bit worried about the Summer, because Keiran’s away and leaving me to look after a newborn, He’ll put work before helping me because when asked the other evening, he ‘wrong answered’ a very big question about his physical investment with the new baby. I asked him what he would be doing when he gets back from his long, tiring weekends of work, (He has 14 hour shifts) in regards to looking after the new baby…as know that I have the lovely Ruby also. His answer…’ You’ll be looking after him.’ WHAT! I don’t think so honey.

Men need to learn that they don’t just have babies to have the women look after them because they have to work. Mums have to work too…and well parenting is a two person job. I don’t care that he’ll be working 14 hour days for 3 days and coming home knackered. He has to spend his days off, looking after his son, instead of recouping and resting. If a man can’t then they shouldn’t have had a baby. Keiran’s life is gonna alter as they’ll be no time for going out, they’ll be no time to relax, they’ll be work and more work with the newborn…for months. I’m prepared for the madness, as i’ve been through it and it’s tough on couples. It broke Pete and I up.

But so far he reckons he’ll ace it. I don’t think he will. He won’t know what’s hit him. Don’t get me wrong, he’ll be the greatest father to his own son. But like I said, it’s not as much of a breeze as he believes. Luckily, I have my mum, who is actually excited about Keiran being away, as she’ll get to run in and control everything whilst he’s away. (They’re both control freaks.) I’m just concentrating on the emotional stability of Rubes…at the same time as total ‘newborn’ love. Ruby is very important to me because she needs to be strong, with her having the absence of both of her fathers. She’s very much loved and I need to keep it that way and UP it. But i’m super excited about the arrival of my little boy. It’ll be great. Yet after that…no more kiddies. Work. Work. Work.

I can tell i’m getting excited about the old labour now because i’ve started to look over the all Ruby’s baby pictures. I have hundreds and hundreds of them. I mean we really documented everything. You do when it’s your first born, don’t ya. I mean, I can’t believe how fast time has flown and how beautiful she is. She’s so big now and she’s ME…A LITTLE ME! I adore her.

She’s gone from this….


to this….


to this…


to now this…


It’s insane!! (It’s a mum thing.)

Anyway, I’m really chipper today and filled with love. I’m doing well at staying positive. I might have moments of concern, where I slip over to the dark side, yet the good thing is that i keep coming back to the sunshine and now in record time.

I’ll have a grumble or a moan…but then i’m okay again. Thank GOD it’s the weekend though. I’ve waited for this moment for DAYS. No early morning nursery runs for me. Just shopping, grooming and then on Monday i’m off to the forest for a bit of hot tubby love.

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

I’ve been oddly productive today. Sent my work emails, returned phone calls, organized my life….it’s been wonderful. Now i need a shower, wink and a bit of time to relax.

I’ll check in with you later.






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