Friday Recap, Nick, Ben & Dodgy Tigers

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God, i’ve been shite at writing my blog this week, i know. Sooo sorry. I’ve had tons of messages from you all, wanting to know what’s going on…and well i’ve just been living, doing life and loving it. I’m happy, i’m really happy right now and when i’m happy, I kinda just get on with enjoying what i have going on in my life….which never leaves me time to tell you all about it, cos i either pass out after work, wine, good times or babies. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yippppeee!!

But okay.

Friday. Friday night, I couldn’t go out… Or did i go out? No. Keiran was in Scotland, so i had the babies at home for the evening and i decided to make myself a whole bunch of Malibu pineapples and a snack table.

I kinda hate missing a good old bit of ‘social’ time, especially when i’ve come off a really looong work week…but i enjoy home life also. It was just Friday, I needed fun and once the babies had gone to bed, boredom kicked in.

ALL my friends were out. Literally everyone and their Mamas. I was sat at home with a homemade cocktail ON MY OWN. Ben had trotted out with his ‘i’ll not last long, i’m paint balling in the morning..’lol line..(he lasted ages, LOL, got hit on by Jenna, drank shit loads and totally missed paint balling the next morning) haaha…and well luckily Nick (as in Knight) zoomed over for a drink and a wee bit of good, clean, evening banter… in WUNNA LAND…and whilst Madonna was in a shitty pink leotard on my telly, that we both despised and cracked up laughing about. I kinda thoroughly appreciated company because i don’t think i could’ve been MORE BORED with my Friday. We drank Malibu and pineapples, talked romance, boys, chicks, how he would not date a Pussycat doll, but would date a cleaner? How my giant canvas of a black and silver tiger head creeped him out because it was boz eyed, how my neighbours hated me, how he was again some king of romance…how he had just met his new family members (which was actually lovely)…how he also he had no water and then well…he picked a dead bird off my roof and lobbed on my tiny front lawn.

He only came for a couple…then obediently refrained from ‘burning off’ in his new car…as he fancies himself as a ‘behind the wheel’ hellraiser. Banter was good. He was great company.

Then I pretty much headed into town for about 20 minutes and ended up back at home….Ben came over because I had a snack table and well he ate the entire left overs of it (well the bits he liked) with garlic bread and a bit of burnt pizza, before guzzling more red wine (we both love red wine) and then passing out drunk on my sofa…I had my comfies on by then…he moaned because i didn’t have any comfies for him…and he got put to bed…where he passed out…immediately..and shocked himself up at 10.22am…where in which he was meant to meet people at around 7.30am in the morning to head for a day of paint balling,

I had gotten up before he had even moved his body an inch into morning…and thrown away all the leftover food. Bad move. Boys love leftovers.

So, he called Nick…we all got ready, he made fun of my silver tiger and i drove him to his Mum’s so he could had least spruce up a little. (I didn’t even shower, instead i FEBREEZED myself. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Nick showed up at Ben’s mum place and i noticed that when those two boys are together, they turn into these playful little boys, kinda like toddlers, with toys and boy egos. It’s actually kinda ace to watch because they’ll literally do stupid things like try and out do each other….squeeze, squeaky rubber chickens in each other faces…and show each other tiny loose threads on their jeans that they’ve pulled, which has ended up with the unravelling of a whole denim butt cheek. It’s fun. They’re ace. I’m glad they’re hanging out more now.

After chatting to Ben’s Mum and Dad..which was lovely actually….we all drove to ‘The Carleton’ for lunch, which was steak, pie and salad. Nick dashed off, after his belly was full and Ben and I stayed and drank red wine for about six hours straight, from noon to 8pm. ๐Ÿ™‚ To be honest, i was having such an amazing time that i didn’t want it to end. I love moments that feel like that.

Dodge’s sister ‘Jas,’ here hubby to be ‘Tom’ and his Dad came and joined us….later, which was fun because we relived stories of how ‘Jas’ was simply…well the same as I…’just PASSIONATE’ and not at all feisty about situations. ๐Ÿ™‚ I mean, i’d throw a can in someone’s face too, if they arm just needed me to. It’s never out of hate, just love, moments and well…like i said…PASSION. ๐Ÿ™‚ Then we talked about weddings and young people and drank more wine that was gifted to us by Tom’s (who was holidaying in Pontefract) ad for free.

Jas left with Baby Scarlett…and left Tom and his Dad, with Ben and I were in which ‘VEGAS’ became a massive topic. It got so exciting that Ben wanted to go there immediately. My times in Vegas, usually end in weddings…so i informed him that if we were ever to go, we’d end up getting married and sleeping in, meaning we’d miss the 72n’d annulment hour, wake up in the 73rd and end up accidentally in comedy wedded bliss.

The boys all went into town then and i headed home to chill. I kinda fancied a chill by then because my heart and soul was satisfied. It was such a great Friday night and Saturday day. I loved it. I spent the night with my babies, who all cuddled up to me, in my bed. It’s funny because i’m always quite social and little miss ‘party party, but i still enjoy every single moment of Motherhood and still, like every mum, watch them sleep, like a weirdo, see how beautiful they are…and literally thank the ‘big guy’ up above for blessing me with them. I ‘heart’ them sooooooooooooooooo much.

Oh and for those of you who want your faith reinstalled in humans. Friday morning, a buy came into my day job and ordered food. He tipped everyone loads, ordered a lot and when he left, like the jolly, generous, giant of a man that he was, he left some money in cash for the table sat next to him, which was table of school children, who were children with learning disabilities. HOW LOVELY!! That hardly ever happens infront of it was divine. He was much much older and i guess just wanted to give. But ladies, that’s the kind of man you should want to marry.

Does anyone want a dodgy, giant, tiger canvas?

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