Friday….feel it

GREAT NIGHT..and as we all know, i am the Kitty Cat championy of all nights of Greatness, to the point where i can’t really explain all that happened, due to mystery, secrets and complete and utter delicious oooh laaa.

Just incase you didn’t know, i’ve started dancing at ‘Wildcats’ (Leeds)…which is the best club of sexy *jiggery pokery* a going..and well i’m new to this whole venue of fun, laughter, tequila, and sensuality, but let me tell you, i’m actually LOVING IT!

Without me going into everything, as obviously it’s a place you kinda have to be, in order to understand the experience. I will say Punjab Tubaned Prince, Champagne, naked girl named ‘Rosie,’ jelly beans, wine, darkness, eyelashes, Wunna fans named ‘Paul,’ love happiness, secrets, bullying, drunkness, music, cold hard cash, and men named ‘Lewis’ who pretty much are non-existant to me, unless they are dressed as ‘Action Man.’ (Note, to all males: If one of the first times i see you, is when you are in some kind of horny uniform…from that point on, i will only EVER talk to you when you have the uniform on! Ha! I told him that! He’s our manager. I’m a great employee.)

I actualyl had a blast last night. I had a great bit of banter with everyone really. The girls we’re happy, the men were generous, a kind old geordie bought me two bottles of champers, i flirted with a big black gay man, a bunch of americans, met Paul, who immediately came up to me with the ‘How do i know you? Wait, we’re you on telly? Wait, i read you’re blog.’ I thanked him by taking him by the hand, (doing a tequila shot) and seductively, walking him to the VIP, where i danced for him…nudie…for a good long while. (For a not very bargain price. 🙂 )

Anyway, i do actually need to go, because there’s no rest for a Glamour Puss, i have a social calender awaiting me, i’m not at work tonight, i have Pete on his way to get me, i’m feeling ’50-50,’ i got in at 7am, and well life couldn’t be better. I’m having fun…you should too.

Happy Friday bitches! Feel it? You better!

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