Friday 13th


Morning my gorgeous little kittens of delight! I love you! I do! I promise. I do!

If you do anything today have the LUCKIEST FRIDAY 13TH EVER!! I’m quite superstitious and I always state that I’m not yet you’ll never see me walk under a ladder if there’s one i front of me. HAHAH. That’s why i always tend to observe the actions of others rather than JUST there words. Lol. Their words however DO COUNT, as I hate it when people do the cliched spiel on ‘Actions speak louder than words,’ like it’s got to be one of the other. Words speak tooo…obviously. 🙂 Nothing is just black or white. It all just depends on the person, the situation, the vibe and how you read it. (GOD! WHY AM I BEING A SNOOZE. PREACH OVER.) Blah… But yes, I’m sometimes superstitious…unless you ask me..then i’m not. 🙂

Right! I’ve had what has felt like THE BUSIEST WEEK OF WORK EVER. I don’t know why it’s felt like that, but i’ve WORKED. Boy have I WORKED and I see that as a good thing! Nothing is better than working hard. It keeps you out of trouble, focused and well you’re doing better than most if you are, right?  I haven’t been out and celebrated once this week, meaning that I really have just knuckled down and don’t the ‘all work, no play’ thing, which doesn’t ever work for me. LOL. Little spritzy bits of play….i enjoy…rather than all work, all work and then a blow out. As those blowouts get messy. I like to keep the balance a going throughout the process. LOL.

However, to all of you who have HAD the same kind of work week…and you’re now on your very last legs…DO NOT FALL AT THE LAST HURDLE!

It’s the WEEKEND after today, so make today your happiest day ever.

Take a moment, hit the ‘pause’ button…get all the stress out of your system and have the best fricking ‘we worked like soldiers’ end of the week FRIDAY. (By the way, all this is shit if you have to work during the weekend. Ooops. Never thought of that!)

I’m going to be overly excited about everything today…which will annoy humans, as I am quite annoying. I described myself as ‘the puppy you want to kick’ the other day.

Spent a good part of last night on the phone. I’m enjoying my phone conversations MADLY because it’s a moment where I can get to know someone and well just WEE MYSELF LAUGHING OUT LOUD! It was hilarious! And the funny part was that I had shitty phone signal, like you do when your in the middle of Yorkshire fields…so I ran to my car, to shit in it, (like something out of the ‘Blair Witch Project’ but of course boujier, as they didn’t hide in their  Mercedes. Lol) But i was wearing leopard print pj’s and giant green parker jacket that has baby pink FUR around the hood. HAHAHA. It was ace. I looked like a bimbo stalker…on pills? Weave was everywhere…but i didn’t care because in that moment, under that night sky that guarded us all, yesterday evening, no matter where we were in the world…i was happy. I was filled with excitement and literally laughing my head off.

So, if you were to zoom away from me, up into the universe that night, until i was nothing but an ant like dot. Know that my little ‘dot’ of Wunna, was the happiest little ‘dot’ on the planet..and that is what life is about. It’s not about stress of life, its’ about getting through the stress with laughter. It’s not about focusing on what you don’t have…it’s about making the most of what you do. It’s about love. Fall in love. Enjoy it. It’s about fun…find the FUN in everything. Do it.

Have the great Friday…even if you think it’s going shitty. Just know that everything is going to be okay.

Oh and boys…quit sending me pictures of your willies. I could have a willy ‘wall of fame’ at home now. Even the girls are at it now. (Not with willies, of course. But Lesbians are digging me right now. Must be the selfies.)

Wunna x




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