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Happy New Year!!

For those of you looking to ‘Ctrl + Alt +Delete’ last year, to shimmie on forward with a fresh set of heels….well done! If you’re still dwelling upon bad times, hungover or feeling dodgy….ah well…there’s The Samaritan,s the ‘hair of the dog’ and painkillers to help you.

I actually began my do gooding, ‘fresh start’ early before we hit the 1st of the year, simply because I personally hate it when people wait until it’s one minute past midnight, to then decide to be productive, skinny, more generous, more successful, quit things or take on new conquests. I always see it as an excuse to delay moving forward. Haha. But i’m a tit like that, so I would. I began being productive around the end of December, when I had more free time..and it actually made me feel dandy. (The secret to being productive…is just to be productive. Lol. The secret to achieving a to work hard. It really won’t or doesn’t land on your lap. Anyone who’s done anything in life that’s worth applause, has worked their frilly socks off to get there…yeah…they may have had a moan, but they still did it anyway.)

Okay! Preach over!

I stayed in New Years Eve, with Benny (ofcourse) to celebrate our first ‘bringing in the New Year’ together, just us and kinda the way we wanted to. We had a family day all day and then ventured to his sister ‘Emma’s’ home to celebrate with his family and her hubby Karl. As always, it was fun, open and included a cuddly potato spud that was cleverly disguised as ‘THE HULK.’ However, this wasn’t just any cuddly, potato spud, ‘Hulk,’….. as it also carries your remote control, beer and something else of choice, whilst you watch telly. (It’s amazing.) Ofcourse, in my situation, it would have to carry a Pina Colada, with a giant straw, an extendable mirror and my phone. But that’s what I adore about essentials…we all embrace different things of minor important, which keeps us as humans alive.

Drove home, rushed in, ordered a pizza, that got delivered exactly 10 minutes before midnight! Wahoo! We whopped on some songs, smooched, danced, got into our comfies…and boom, it was almost midnight. Jools Holland was popped on…as we sat with our pizza and we waited to sail into the New year..together, with love and as happy as can be! It was great, because it was exactly what we wanted. It felt perfect.

Then some weird party ghost appeared out of nowhere and popped open our Prosecco bottle, without EITHER OF US TOUCHING IT. I know!!! Out of nowhere, our prosecco bottle, unleased it’s cork, which shot dramatically through the living room, hit the ceiling and started bubbling out of the bottle…without EITHER of us touching it.

Now ofcourse, this could be down to pressure and Science. However, I just like going with the idea that it was definitely a ‘party’ ghost, that wanted to get on it. I mean God, If i was a ghost, i’d crack open everyone’s Prosecco, then go around slurping down everyone’s cocktail, just to wind the fools up. To say, I’m absolutely terrified of ghosts…I wasn’t terrified at all??? Maybe because I had more important things like bringing in the new year with my beau and a Spicy Asian pizza to tend to.

It turned midnight….we kissed, we beamed, we couldn’t have felt or looked any happier. Ben sort of radiated this glow of ‘happy.’ Which made me happy. We had a few more drinks…played a long song…then went up to bed for sleepy time and nookie. (Really good ‘nookie.’)

Y’know, I have this really amazing guy by my side, to do life with. I couldn’t feel more comfortable and together and nothing could make me happier. I mean, you know all those times as a girl, where you feel neglected, unappreciated, cheated on, used, ‘pretend’ loved or not cared for…I have the opposite. We both go out of our ways to love appreciate one another…and that’s cemented over with trust, friendship and good times. We both also share a great sense of humour. We both feel lucky. It’s a really easy relationship. And well because i’ve experienced a lot of different relationships, marriages whatever else…etc…I never take someone as kind as Benny for granted. (Anymore. 🙂  I mean GOD, i had a dodgy 20 something in Hollywood, when it came to dating. So it feels good to have landed right in front of him, one night at the beginning of last year, for a little moment that brought us together… I’ve met some right planks in my time. 🙂 )


The next morning, I actually woke up as Fresh as a Daisy!!! You know those sleeps that you have, where you actually wake up feeling like you’ve had exactly the right amount of sleep. That was me. I did my face, got changed…embraced my kitty smile…and got my little self off to work.

Things are changing already for New Year and it feels great! I’ll be telling you my resolutions later on this week.

But today, I have another free day away from work, so i’m going to be spending it with my little Baby Ruby, as it seems that i’ve managed to spend a ton of time with Junior, yet hardly any time with Rubes..and if anyone needed it anymore, it would be her.

Anyway, i’ll leave you with this… Just because I can!

ACG describes ME in 3 words…

I’m currently grilling bacon as the babies watch ‘Tom and Jerry,’ Ben’s still in bed, but he’ll get up shortly because i left a bacon sandwich by the bedside. It’s sort of a simple way of coaxing the bear out the cave, when you’re a busy mum. 🙂 Boys and bacon…it’s the way to any real man’s heart.


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