Oh my gosh! So, Wunna Land has been breezed over with a state of the chilly-bum-bums. As The Great Disco Lord would have it, he sent Keiran and I on a beautiful trip to the forest, filled with passion, love and luxury, only for us to return, dipped in both sadness for leaving, yet excitement for seeing the most amazing Baby Ruby….and then find out that our BOILER wasn’t working.

Yep! Heat, warmth and ‘ooh laa’ conked out on us, so ofcourse I did what any 7 months pregnant glamour puss would do, when having to deal with the cold, after returning from a peaceful luxury, with her heart missing her glitzy and very precious little girl…I LOST MY MIND. πŸ™‚

You know those moments when you just need a moment to let reality snap back with ease. Well I felt I wasn’t granted that slow gin moment and instead was fire crackered back to normality with a *BOOM-SLAP.* All i’m gonna say is that any time you are in a giant faux fur launching cookies at your husband in anger, you know you need to find heat and hot water quickly. Everything everyone did managed to get under my skin and well whe you add nagging to the equation, plus a little bit of people rushing you. (I hate being rushed.) You sort of just got insane. All i needed in that moment was my little Rubes who I had missed madly, to the point where my little heart ached and a bit of peace.

There were tears, tantrums and yelling as Keiran and I both fought out the madness, until we eventually found some kind of harmony and went to get Baby Ruby from nursery. We walked up to the gates and I saw her. (One of the girls had held her up to the window to wave at us.) The weirdest thing happened. I saw her, I saw how cute she was in her little red bobbled pigtails and out of nowhere my eyes filled up because I couldn’t believe I was about to be near her again and I CRIED. (Yep…like a lunatic. πŸ™‚ ) I didn’t care though, i walked in and ‘Princess weeped’ in front of everyone. In fact I made those around me cry a little and simply because they found the moment so cute. Ruby was so happy, beaming with excitement and filled with love. She was perfect. Keiran loved the moment, yet was quite shocked that I cried and I think he was shocked because he underestimated the love I have for her.

Anyway, we got home, the boiler still hadn’t been fixed. We were all freezing and moany. I wanted to spend some time with Rubes so we played in the cold for a little while. Then after a bit of a bicker, we decided to check into a hotel. In fact my mum came and boked us a hotel for the evening, as Keiran and I were bickering. She booked us separate rooms…and well the night ended up being lovely.

I had my time with Rubes and she thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of her ‘hotel night’ with Mama. She leapt from bed to bed singing and dancing and chatting and giggling. She was over the moon and on top of the world, until she conked out asking for a cuddle in the peace of warm snuggly quilts and hotel comfort. Keiran was in a room down the hall.

Breakfast came and we all dined together. It was odd because Ruby and I are all in love, yet Keiran and I were still not talking. But we still made ‘happy’ in front of Rubes. THEN Rubes and I went shopping with Grandma and Keiran went off to whack a few golf balls.

Shopping was great. I needed family time, mummy time and me time. So in my hour of despair and well because I was stressed out from argueing…i booked hair extensions. πŸ™‚ If in doubt, weave it out. πŸ™‚

Lunch, love hair bookings, until it was finally time to come home. The boiler man had still not managed to fix the heating. UGH! So at the last minute, we had to book a hotel again, which I didn’t actually mind, as well sometimes you just need a break from your mundane home life.

This time we all bundled up in one room. Rubes and I went first and Keiran came later after the Rugby. Amazing night of warmth and heat, as Rubes and I passed out snuggling again. We kinda didn’t want to go home.

That evening Keiran and I made up, which made everything much better. He was still healing as he’s finding dating me ‘not as easy’ as he would like. We’re both headstrong and we both like to be in charge of our own lives and decisions…making it difficult to let the other one stomp on our ground. But we were fine and simply because we love each other and when you fall in proper love…it really is forever.

That morning we all woke up and did breakfast as one big happy family…the bump in tow. Everything was perfect. Life was magical once more. I went to Doncaster to go get my weave sewn in at Talking Heads and he ventured back to the driving range to hot more golf balls and to see his Nan.

Let me tell you, nothing in this world is better than getting a weave when you’re a glamour puss feeling down and pregnant. OMG! I feel like i’ve gone form zero to hero and I know it all sounds very superficial, with it just being a few extra inches of hair. But looking good makes me feel good. I said ‘goodbye’ to the groggy, pregnant, less glam verison of myself and welcomed the old, overdone me BACK. As soon as I looked into the mirror and saw my freshly sewn in weave i felt on top of the world and filled with va voom. Pregnancy can make you feel half full and so it’s important for women to feel feminine again when they hit that wave of half groomed. You could see the glow in me and well after lunch with my Mum, dad and brother…and then finding out that the boiler STILL WASN’T FIXED. I mean no heat, no hot water…when it’s snowing and raining outside is not fun. We booked into a hotel AGAIN for our last night of hotel…which ended up being amazing and simply because Keiran and I managed to fit in some make up time, before our sleepy Baby Ruby joined us for cuddles. He loved a bit of weave. I felt all dollified and feeling attractive made all the difference to The Hubs as he found it sexy. He loves it when i’m ‘dolly.’

Checked out this morning, fully packed, with Rubes ready and dressed for nursery. She knew straight away that something was up this morning as she saw her nursery bag and realized that we were rushing out of the hotel early. She didn’t like it one bit, so pretended to have a poorly arm to stay with us. Rubes adores doing grown up things with mummy and daddy and is quite like Stewie from Family Guy.

Anyway, we didn’t let her get away with missing school, so we took Β her anyway. She was happy until we pulled up and then she ignored us with anger in her eyes. πŸ™‚

She’s there now and we’re at home literally trying to stay warm by the cooking hobs. It’s madness I KNOW! We are FREEZING! AND even better news….we got home early as we were expecting the boiler man to get here by 9am and we’ve just got a phone call stating that he might not be coming today and in fact they don’t know when he will be coming it could be today, tomorrow or anytime this week for all we know! WHAT???

So here we are…freezing in Wunna land…Lord help us!

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