Frankly my dear, i don’t give a …

I’m tired today so bare with me. I haven’t had a single sip of coffee yet, which is proving to be a giant mistake, but as the Queen of all Mistake making, (and surviving the Mistakes like the hottest bitch in town,) frankly my dear i don’t give two s****, as i’m sure my blog will be ACE with or without my morning caffeine fix. I was so exhausted last night due to merry ‘Chrissie Wunna’ life goings-on, that i can’t even remember the evening?? It was like a dream or like dodgey beer goggles?? Yet, without the beer, and without the dodgey googles. This is already going badly!!

Anyway, i have a busy week ahead, i’m waiting for drain unblockers to presently come and unblock the drains, (not so glamourous.) I have my boobie consultation tomorrow morning, with a Dr.Madhi (not sure why that worries me, but it does…) I shoot for a US mag on wednesday, all day, and then i work, work, work, until i have made enough fine earned pences, to spaz on every shade of lipgloss going!! Whoppee!! I am currently addicted to buying lipgloss, it’s worrying, it’s hot….what? You don’t care? Hahaha…me neither!! (heeellllllllloooo, i haven’t had coffee!!!) Bastards! You’re all bastards!!

I’m excited for my week ahead, my ‘Latin Lover’ is being a treat and yes, things are going quite lovely with the ‘Hubby’ and I. (Probably because we’re away from each other.hahaha! CHAMPION!!) He’s being as sweet as the sweetest candy cane, so ofcourse (and i am a hopeless romantic) i adore him. I love, love…you’ve heard me say it a lot, but it’s a good thing. You should love, love too. It makes your world that little bit brighter! I seem to ‘love’ very hard. If i so happen, to trip up and fall into it!! Actually, I kind of hate writing wonderful things about ‘ Lover de Latin,’ because whenever i do, he always manages to do something really shite, and then i look like a complete DONKEY!! Hurrah!! But as of right now, he’s loving me hard and quite quite correctly. Y’know? The way a girl should be loved! (Knowing my luck he’s probably  bonking a gay stripper, right this second….Bring in the DONKEY!!)

Life is good, and i am as happy as can be! I am totally missing my troops in LA, and i send you all the biggest smoochies. I love you, and i hope you all have a happy thought today!! Muuuuuuuuuuuah!! xxx

Thank God thats over, hahaha, now for coffee!

4 thoughts on “Frankly my dear, i don’t give a …”

  1. There’s only one thing funnier than the phrase “dodgey goggles” and that’s when is mispelled “dodgey googles”…

    I laughed so hard a done a lickle wee.


  2. hehehehe I prefered the fucked-up version – I thought that was comedy genius!

    You’re funny as fuck. 😀



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